In beef we never saw coming, AFL star Mason Cox has roasted fellow Texan and current Married at First Sight groom Andrew Davis.

The ninth instalment of Married at First Sight is chock-full of controversial characters. However, fans of the show can’t seem to wrap their head around Texas-import Andrew, who had a number of choice things to say to his bride, Holly, after consummating their marriage for the first time.

“I enjoy sex all the time… I enjoy it in random places, at random times,” he said. “I know I had the right equipment when we were intimate. You were not physically there. So it wasn’t enjoyable for me.”

Now, in an audio clip shared with KIIS 101.1, Collingwood’s star forward Mason has called for his fellow American to “get [his] act together”.

“He doesn’t really represent what we like to call a true Southern gentleman,” the 30-year-old said. “Seeing that stuff on TV is a bit trash.”

Mason, who moved Down Under in 2014, then added that Andrew’s actions have caused irreparable damage to the reputation of Texans.

“For people like me… a young single in Melbourne, it makes things even harder,” he confessed. “Please, get your act together.

“I’d really appreciate it.”

What Did MAFS Fans Say About Andrew Davis’ Behaviour?

It wasn’t just the talented Magpie who was left unimpressed by Andrew’s behaviour towards his wife.

Many Twitter users shared the same sentiment and some of the reactions to Andrew’s completely unwarranted candour are absolute GOLD.

The self-proclaimed sex god is twice-divorced, which, after his comment, suddenly makes a whole lot more sense.

It is rapidly becoming clear what kind of guy Andrew is, and we feel so bad for poor Holly.

The MAFS honesty box never fails to bring out the contestants’ true colours. Maybe Holly’s initial concerns about Andrew’s Texan upbringing were valid after all…

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