Tennis star Bernard Tomic wishes that he never appeared on OnlyFans with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Sierra.

Despite their on-again-off-again relationship, they certainly capitalised on their romance when the Aussie tennis scoundrel made a cameo on the former Love Island Australia star’s OnlyFans account.

Around the same time as their relationship debut last November, Vanessa, who appeared on the popular dating show in 2019, shared a risqué photo of Bernard biting her bare glutes on Instagram, spruiking the saucy video.

“Oops I convinced Tomic to do something bad. Go to my website to see the vid sorry mum [sic],” she wrote.

Tennis star Bernard Tomic wishes that he never appeared on OnlyFans with then-girlfriend Vanessa Sierra. Source: Instagram @vanessa5ierra.

Now, Bernard has voiced what he really thinks about his short time on the NSFW site.

Taking to Instagram stories on Tuesday, one fan asked the sportsman to “tell us about your [OnlyFans] stint”.

With just five little words, the 29-year-old told us all we need to know: “Biggest. Regret. Of. My. Life.”

The admission was accompanied by a snap of himself covering his face.

The former world No.17 player also voiced that he had a number of questions about his ex-girlfriend.

“I mean, guys, how many questions about her?” he questioned his followers on his story. “Do youse really want to know [sic]? I didn’t realise it was that interesting.”

He later responded with a “fingers crossed” emoji after being asked whether his next girlfriend will be more “classy”. Charming!

Bernard Tomic and Vanessa Sierra’s Tumultuous Relationship

Bernard’s regret comes months after Vanessa shared a video of the tennis star smashing her laptop in June.

“Don’t mess with a tennis player’s ego,” she captioned the clip. “$16,000 worth of damage, currently can’t work and half a mil in crypto is locked. I’ll give $100 for the first person who can guess what happened.”

Bernard Tomic was filmed destroying Vanessa Sierra's laptop after a spat. Source: Instagram @vanessa5ierra.
Bernard Tomic was filmed destroying Vanessa Sierra’s laptop after a spat. Source: Instagram @vanessa5ierra.

She was later forced the clarify that Bernard “didn’t and has never laid hands on” her after she received concerns from her followers.

“I was upset with him for not checking on me when I was hospitalized. Argument escalated to him ruining my livelihood.”

Around the same time, she posted a cryptic message to her followers that prompted speculation of their split.

“I’ve always been real and raw with you guys about my life, both my ups and downs despite potential judgment. And you have always been incredibly supportive and my rocks. I’ll speak to you all when I’m ready.”

vanessa sierra
Vanessa Sierra posted cryptic messages about her split from Bernard Tomic on Instagram. Source: Instagram @vanessa5ierra.

The pair shortly reunited in September 2021 before officially calling it quits.

Who Is Vanessa Sierra?

Vanessa rose to stardom after appearing on Love Island Australia in 2019.

On the hit dating series, which was filmed in Fiji, the 25-year-old briefly cosied up to Matt Zukowski.

Following her exit from the villa, she gained even more popularity when she turned to OnlyFans alongside YouTuber ex-boyfriend Luke Erwin.

With a degree in finance and economics, the reality star-turned-content creator has certainly finessed the site. In June 2020, she revealed that she had made it into the top 0.01 per cent of creators on the platform.

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