When Abbie Chatfield pashed Konrad Bien-Stephens in Byron Bay, she inadvertently spoiled the outcome of The Bachelorette Australia 2021. But while Brooke Blurton claimed that she and former bestie Abbie were “all good” on KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, it’s not actually the case.

As reported in episode 127 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a close friend of Brooke has revealed what’s actually going on — and let’s just say, she’s really not happy.

brooke blurton abbie chatfield
Brooke Blurton is not impressed by Abbie Chatfield’s movements during The Bachelorette Australia 2021. Source: Instagram.

According to our source, Brooke isn’t worried about them being together, it was more how they went about it.

Brooke doesn’t care that they are together, she is happy for them,” the close friend told So Dramatic!.

Brooke was upset that they got caught in Byron Bay because she knew that Abbie was coming on the show at the end of the series and it would be a big deal.

Brooke was also upset that they’re being “blatantly naive about it and not caring”, especially about the effect it would have on the show outcome of the show.

abbie chatfield konrad bachelorette
Brooke was upset that Abbie and Konrad didn’t care about what their actions would mean for the show. Source: Instagram.

Brooke Found Out About Abbie and Konrad’s Relationship In the Media

The close friend also revealed that only Brooke learned about the hook-up when she saw it online.

Abbie didn’t even tell Brooke or give her a heads up about it either which just made the whole thing so much worse,” our source said. “She confronted Abbie about it over text, sending her the article. Abbie wasn’t even remorseful or apologetic. She laughed.”

“I couldn’t tell you,” she then told Brooke.

“She was condescending to Brooke about it, gaslighting her feelings and being patronising.” Ouch!

Brooke also told Abbie that it was “annoying” because their blossoming relationship would have a “negative impact on the show, and take attention away from the importance of the LGBTQI+ and Indigenous representation”.

It was a “huge betrayal and a huge spoiler”.

Brooke has given Abbie and Konrad her blessing, however, doesn’t know if they can be friends now — even though Abbie has sent numerous grovelling apologies, to which Brooke did not respond.

What Was Brooke’s Response to Abbie “Hard Launching” Konrad on Instagram?

Brooke’s friend also told So Dramatic! that they can only assume the hard launch was done as a f*ck you to Brooke since she did not accept her apology nor reply to her text.

“It was strategic and well played. A power move to Brooke,” the source said. “It was about making it about her and inserting herself into the season and stealing Brooke’s thunder.”

The source also went on to say that Abbie had “timed this perfectly” and did it as a strategy for “clout”.

“She knew who won, she knew who Konrad was and his role in the season, his connection with Brooke. She timed this perfectly and did this strategically for clout.”

Brooke has since unfollowed Abbie on Instagram.

Abbie Speaks Out About The Bachelor Franchise on Her Podcast

While she hasn’t explicitly spoken about Brooke, Abbie did take aim at The Bachelor franchise on her podcast, It’s A Lot.

“That was an interesting season,” Abbie said. “I loved the representation, obviously, we loved it, it was wonderful seeing all the diversity on screen.”

“Because if Brooke couldn’t bring back the ratings who could? If this Bachelorette [season] couldn’t bring back the f*cking ratings, who could?”

Bachelor alum Abbie Chatfield has finally broken her silence on her saucy kiss with current Bachelorette fave Konrad Bien-Stephens.
“Do I think the franchise is dead?” Abbie believes that the franchise cannot be revived. Source: Instagram

Ratings for The Bachelorette Australia 2021 were at an all-time low, with just 361,000 metro viewers tuning in to the finale. It is the worst rating series in the history of the franchise.

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