You may think you were voting for the winners of Love Island Australia 2021, however it turns out that the finale was filmed well before the final votes were even counted! RIGGED!

And if you’re wondering how we know — you can thank some sneaky partying pics from those who were *apparently* inside the villa during the grand finale.

Filmed in Byron Bay this year, the Love Island Australia finale saw 2021 contestants come back to support the finalists.

Some sneaky partying pics from those in the villa may have just revealed that Love Island Australia 2021 is rigged! Source: Nine.

Among them, was the problematic Noah Hura — who has seemingly given it all away!

Was the Love Island Australia 2021 Finale Rigged?

According to a So Dramatic! source, Noah was out partying in Melbourne the night the finale aired.

“Defo not live…Noah has f*cked it! Just went for a deep dive and he’s out with a heap of them in Melbourne,” the source said alongside accompanying screenshots of Noah partying with fellow islander Benny Giobbi.

Tagged at Melbourne bar Two Wrongs, Noah can be seen White Girl wasted, drinking shots and partying up a storm with Benny and a woman named Madi Krstevski. Not only that, but Noah himself uploaded to his own Insta stories. Facepalm!

Meanwhile, Hugh Yates who was also at the *live* finale, appears to have a time machine because he also posted a snap of the finale from his television screen.

“How do they do live voting if Hugh was in the fire pit at the finale but also watching it on the tele? Haha it’s so rigged,” one So Dramatic! sleuth pointed out.

Others also noticed that Courtney Stubbs (who was also at the *live* finale) was actually with co-star Ari Kumar as the finale was playing out on screens. WTAF?!

How Far In Advance Is Love Island Australia Actually Filmed?

According to some super spy work, it seems that Love Island Australia is filmed at least a week in advance.

Before the finale, So Dramatic! sleuths reported that current Islanders had been spotted outside of the villa for days.

“Ryan has been home for two weeks, My friend’s boss is good friends with him,” one source revealed.

Similarly, another sleuth said her brother “served Aaron [Waters] at his work on the Central Coast” almost a week before the finale aired.

“Wondering if he is back here with Ryan?”

Who Won Love Island Australia 2021?

According to “Australia’s votes”, Mitch Hibberd (a.k.a. Jessie Wynter’s ex) and Tina Provis won Love Island Australia 2021!

The pair claimed victory over fellow finalists Chris Graudins and Zoe Clish, and Jess Velkovski and Aaron Waters.

Tina and Mitch, Love Island Australia 2021 winners.
Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis won Love Island Australia 2021! Source: Channel 9.

“I did not expect to meet someone so special or to make it through to the final – and with a boyfriend!” Tina said after the win. “But our connection was instant and I’m so grateful for the journey we’ve shared.

“I can’t wait for our future together and I’m very thankful to the Australian public for believing in us.”

But did we really have a say in their future? We think not…

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