The Bachelorette Australia 2021 has come to a dramatic close after Brooke Blurton chose Darvid Garayeli during Thursday night’s finale.

brooke darvid finale
The Bachelorette Australia 2021 has come to a dramatic close after Brooke Blurton chose Darvid Garayeli during Thursday night’s finale. Source: Network Ten.

The Brisbane landscaper’s win certainly didn’t come as a surprise to Bachie fans. Brooke and Darvid had an undeniable spark from when he first rode into the mansion on a lawnmower on night one, and their relationship only went from strength to strength as the series progressed.

After their final date, Brooke confessed her true feelings for Darvid.

“I thought being in love with someone or finding true love was this sh*t people just say and it used to just be like… a fantasy,” she said to the cameras. “It felt so out of touch for me but I’ve always felt I wanted that, and [him telling me] has just hit me in the f*cking face.

“I just love him. I just do .”

Then, before the final rose ceremony, Brooke spoke candidly to producers about the effect Darvid’s has on her.

“Darvid has restored my faith… in loving something unconditionally,” she said. “I feel like we’re going to have a really beautiful life together.”

When he appeared at the Bachie altar, Brooke recalled their meeting on the red carpet.

“You came in here and you granted me three wishes… I still have one left,” she reminded him. “Will you make the happiest girl?”

“Of course,” Darvid responded before Brooke confessed: “I love you so much.” No, we’re not crying, you are!

Darvid also admitted that he knew Brooke was his person as soon as the pair first met.

Brooke Blurton Says Goodbye To Jamie-Lee Dayz

However, before Brooke was able to celebrate with her man, she had the near-impossible task of breaking things off with Jamie-Lee Dayz.

The pair have been close since they first appeared on The Bachelor together in 2018. However, their romance didn’t truly blossom until Jamie-Lee surprised Brooke on the red carpet.

Despite breaking the world record for TV’s longest kiss and Jamie-Lee confessing her love for the Bachelorette, Brooke failed to see herself with the Sydneysider long-term.

Darvid Garayeli Was Always Predicted To Win Brooke Blurton’s Heart

As if Darvid’s connection with Brooke wasn’t proof enough that he would win, reality TV oracle Sportsbet had him on a pedestal from the get-go.

The betting agency had the 27-year-old pegged as the front runner before the series even started airing.

At the time, Darvid’s odds sat at $1.80 before ending the series at $1.08.

Another contestant also confirmed to So Dramatic! that Darvid would finish The Bachelorette hand in hand with Brooke.

Brooke Blurton chooses Darvid Garayeli
Darvid was slated to win Brooke’s heart from day one. Source: Network Ten.

In episode 121 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the former suitor spilled the details on how they knew this was the case.

“There was a group chat with all the contestants,” they said. “[They updated] everyone on who got eliminated in each episode and that is how they know Darvid wins.”

Turns out it wasn’t Fake News!

Congratulations to the lovebirds, Brooke and Darvid!

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