For years Brooke Blurton and her Bachelor 2018 co-star Jamie-Lee Dayz have inherently denied being more than friends, but now the Bachelorette has opened up about their “unspoken” connection.

Since leaving the mansion three years ago, many people have speculated that the pair dated after the show.

Ahead of The Bachelorette premiering on October 20, Brooke spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the true nature of her bond with Jamie-lee.

“I think Jamie-Lee and I’s relationship outside the Bachelor experience was definitely unspoken,” the 26-year-old confessed.

Putting the rumours to rest she confirmed that their relationship “never really played out in the outside world”. However, she added that “there was always a connection”.

“You… have to wait to see how it all plays out, but… when we were on the Honey Badger’s season our priorities were so different,” she said. “We were there for Nick [Cummins] and both of us wanted to be genuine in that connection.”

In a teaser trailer, Jamie-Lee dropped the bomb that she was back to pursue a “second chance” with Brooke after anticipating that their relationship was more than friendly.

Brooke’s Initial Thoughts About Jamie-Lee’s Bachelorette Red Carpet Debut

Brooke revealed that it was “really lovely” to see Jamie-Lee arrive at the mansion on night one.

“It was such a surprise,” the youth worker admitted, adding that the “feeling of familiarity” was comforting.

“It was kind of a nice feeling… knowing that you have a connection with someone already.

Jamie-Lee said it was "now or never" to win Brooke's heart on The Bachelorette. Source: Instagram @jamieleedayz.
Jamie-Lee said it was “now or never” to win Brooke’s heart on The Bachelorette. Source: Instagram @jamieleedayz.

Following her announcement as a contestant, Jamie-Lee took to Instagram to explain the reason behind her return to the experience.

“When I found out Brooke was the next Bachelorette, I knew it was now or never,” she penned. “I strongly believe things happen for a reason and I feel like this timing has been nothing short of fate.”

The Insider Bachelor Claims About Brooke and Jamie-Lee

Way back when, a well-placed source told So Dramatic! that the pair struck up a romance of sorts inThe Bachelor mansion in 2018.

“Jamie and Brooke f*cked on Honey Badger’s season. They had chemistry in the mansion and were definitely more than friends,” they said.

However, another contestant claimed otherwise, echoing the pair’s version of events.

“Haha no they didn’t hook up in the mansion, but they were definitely attracted to each other and had a close friendship after the show,” she said.

Jamie-Lee and Brooke met during The Bachelor 2018. Source: Network Ten.
Jamie-Lee and Brooke met during The Bachelor 2018. Source: Network Ten.

Jamie-Lee also revealed in several post-show interviews that she was “disappointed” by the rumours.

“I have a lot of love for Brooke and she’s such a legend but we’re definitely just friends,” she told Mamamia.

“The assumption that every bi-sexual woman must be together.  Like, if there’s two bisexual people in a room, they must be together,” the psychology student said.  “I think that’s such a backwards assumption.”

She also explained that she had rekindled things with her ex-girlfriend at the time.

Tune in to The Bachelorette Australia when it premieres on WednesdayOctober 20 to see if sparks fly again between Jamie-Lee and Brooke!

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