Brooke Blurton’s final two contestants on The Bachelorette Australia 2021 were made to sign additional contracts to prevent spoilers.

Whilst the season may have been burdened by spoilers from certain contestants this year (Konrad, we’re looking at you!), you won’t hear a peep from The Bachelorette’s final two.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Jimmy Nicholson‘s suitors were made to sign additional NDAs with the promise of a $5,000 bonus if they kept mum on the series.

Now, an inside source reveals that Brooke’s final two baes have been offered even more cashola to save the franchise from spoilers!

Brooke Blurton's final two contestants on The Bachelorette Australia 2021 have been made to sign additional contracts to prevent spoilers.
The Bachelorette Australia 2021 final two contestants were required to sign additional contracts to keep this season’s finale results under wraps. Source: Network Ten.

In episode 124 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a contestant dishes on just how much the contestants were promised.

“So the top two had to sign another NDA on top of the ones they had already signed,” they told host Megan Pustetto. “It had a lot more terms and conditions and penalties in it.”

“They also got paid another bonus to sign it and keep quiet,” the former suitor said. They also added that Jimmy’s Bachelor final two were awarded $3,000 in this instance.

“Brooke’s winner got an additional retainer of $1,000 a week,” they said. Apparently, this is “to cover time off work and the inconvenience of not being able to live a normal life.” OMG! Who knew going on reality TV could be so lucrative?

The contestants have also reportedly been told to “stay away from everyone else from the show until after the finale”.

Seems like Konrad and his public kisscapades missed the memo!

What Else Have The Bachelorette Australia Contestants Been Promised?

All of The Bachelorette Australia contestants have reportedly been promised a blue tick along with their massive payday.

This year’s The Bachelor contestants were also offered a verified Instagram account, as long as they didn’t go rogue.

However, while some of Jimmy’s gals received their blue ticks before the finale even aired, this won’t be the case for Brooke’s Bachie babes.

Let’s just hope Network Ten uphold their end of the bargain!

As reported in episode 101 of the So Dramatic! podcast, some Bachelor suitors didn’t receive their blue tick as promised.

“We were all told that we would get our accounts back with the verification,” one contestant said at the time. “For most of us, that just hasn’t happened.”

Some Bachelor 2021 contestants didn't receive their verified ticks as promised. Source: Network Ten..
Some of The Bachelor 2021 contestants are yet to receive their blue ticks. Source: Network Ten.

“Some girls haven’t even got their accounts back and they have been verified. Whilst others have been out for weeks and don’t have theirs yet.”

To make matters worse, the contestant suggested that they were considering taking legal action!

Well, you can’t say they’re not thirsty for influencer status!

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