The So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto Podcast recently revealed that all contestants from The Bachelor Australia 2021 were promised a blue tick on Instagram as long as they didn’t go rogue and let loose on the show.  

Now it seems that some contestants who seemingly abided by the show’s strict contracts have already been awarded their blue ticks as promised by Channel Ten!

The majority of the cast have received their reward, except a select few.

Stephanie Lynch, Stevie Gray, Bek Mordernal, Laura O’Loughlin and Jacinta Boys are all still yet to be verified on Instagram.

One contestant says they are thinking of taking legal action against Channel 10 because they haven’t held up their end of the deal by providing the blue tick verification they promised. 

Blue ticks for all! Network Ten.

“We were all told that we would get our accounts back with the verification and for most of us, that just hasn’t happened,” one contestant dished to So Dramatic!

“Yet some girls haven’t even got their accounts back and they have been verified. Whilst others have been out for weeks and don’t have theirs yet.” Thank god someone is focusing on the real issues right now!

There have also been reports floating around suggesting that Stevie isn’t getting her $5000, however the contestants (including Stevie) were paid their $5,000 hush money on Friday 10th September. Everyone, except Steph!

Could Steph be the first contestant to rogue and slam the show!?

Watch this space!

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