Earlier this month, former Bachelor Matt Agnew was spotted on dating app Hinge. And it looks like this astrophysicist is determined to find his match because he’s also been spotted on another dating app – Bumble!

According to Matt’s profile, he’s into food, eating food at cafes, more food, science stuff, Disney, fitness travel and adventures, and his dogs. A man after my own hearts!

Extra points for his PhD and height – he’s 6ft3! I had no idea that Matt was so tall!

Matt Agnew Was Also Spotted on Hinge!

Despite rumours swirling that former Bachelor baes Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield are rekindling their romance, one So Dramatic! sleuth spotted the chiselled hunk on Hinge earlier this month!

According to his account, the 34-year-old has “just joined” the popular dating app and hot damn, sign us up too!

While the pics he’s used are nothing new (they’re the same Insta snaps we’ve been drooling over for weeks) the profile does give us some insight into what the astrophysicist looks for in a partner.

And be warned — he and his “big buffoon” of a dog are a package deal!

Aside from being a dog lover, it seems Matt rates a girl who can give him a run for his money when it comes to video games!

Using one of the apps prompts, the former Bachelor claims he’ll “brag about you to [his friends] if you can beat [him] at Mario Kart”. Challenge accepted!

Bonus points if you’ve got a sweet tooth, too — Matt’s profile reveals that he’s a regular at gelato chain Messina.

What’s The Deal With Matt Agnew And Abbie Chatfield?

In October So Dramatic! reported that after two years, Matt had begun following his Bachelor runner-up Abbie on Instagram.

While we can understand you questioning why this is worthy of a story, hear us out. This is actually some yuge news in the reality TV world!

Of course, the astrophysicist-turned-GOD chose Chelsie McLeod over Abbie to enter into a three-month contract with at the end of the 2019 season.

While rumours swirl about the former Bachelor's love life, one So Dramatic! sleuth has spotted Matt Agnew on dating app Hinge!
Matt Agnew chose Chelsie McLeod (L) over Abbie Chatfield (R) in The Bachelor 2019 finale. Source: Network Ten.

While Abbie was following Matt on the social platform after the show, Matt had never followed her. NEVER!

In episode 111 of So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto, a source said the pair have been chatting since Matt spoke out about fellow Bachie alum Sam Frost‘s anti-vax sentiment.

When the 2015 Bachelorette defended her right to be unvaccinated, Matt took to his socials to “discuss and challenge a few points” that she had made. Abbie then shared his post to her Instagram story.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure Abbie and Matt have been talking since that Insta post,” our source claimed.

“Matt slid into her DMs when she shared it to say thank you for the support and they started chatting from there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together, it’s definitely not off the cards – at least for Abbie.”

More Proof That Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield

Later in October, Matt indirectly came to Abbie’s defence with an Instagram post discrediting “jokes” about sexual assault.

The show of solidarity came after Abbie called out a controversial joke from comedian Nikki Osborne which referenced the current discussion surrounding Australia’s vaccine mandates.

Nikki posted a meme that read “the original ‘no jab no job'” alongside an image of Lindsay Lohan and convicted sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein.

Let’s just say Abbie, who loyally advocated for sexual assault survivors, had a lot to say.

“Imagine as a female in the industry thinking it’s funny to make fun of sexual assault and rape victims. Imagine being in this f***ing industry and thinking that’s funny,” she said on her Instagram story.

The 26-year-old reality star then clashed with former Married at First Sight contestant Ryan Gallagher, who defended the comedian and her distasteful comments.

Matt Agnew’s Response To Nikki Osborne’s Post

After Abbie’s public back and forth with Ryan and Nikki over the insensitive post, Matt addressed the issue with his own informative post.

The series of slides began with a trigger warning for sexual abuse and assault.

“Nikki Osborne has put out into the world very publicly a joke, and I think it is of paramount importance to address some enormous issues with said ‘joke’,” Matt penned.

In the three-slide statement, the astrophysicist discussed the importance of men contributing to change towards the stigma and normalisation of rape jokes. He then added a quote about what is accepted as “humour” in the social sphere.

Under the post, Abbie penned: “Perfect wording as per. An ally.”

Abbie Chatfield commended her Bachelor ex on his "perfect" post. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.
Abbie Chatfield commended her Bachelor ex on his “perfect” post. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

Could this be a sign that Abbie and Matt have been chatting about world issues (among other things) in their DMs? Only time will tell!

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