Last week, the So Dramatic! podcast revealed that Real Housewives of Melbourne star, Anjali Rao leaves halfway through the series after a dramatic walkout!

And now, one diligent listener has spilled some piping hot tea about the walkout drama! and confirmed the rumours!

As reported in episode 116 of So Dramatic!, host Megan Pustetto shared a DM sent by a source, who attended Jackie Gillie’s Shine It Up podcast launch back in July.

Anjali wasn’t there but all of the other housewives were there and I think the event is supposed to be in one of the last episodes [of RHOM],” they said. “So the rumours are definitely true.”

We have further proof that there is a dramatic walkout from one housewife on The Real Housewives of Melbourne this season!
The cast of Real Housewives of Melbourne filmed at Jackie Gillie’s podcast launch back in July but Anjali Rao was noticeably absent. Source: Foxtel.

According to the source, they paid extra for front row seats because they wanted to get on TV (LOL) so they were able to see errythang that happened.

Janet [Roach] cracked it at Kyla [Kirkpatrick] after she tried to steal her aisle seat,” they revealed.

The source then added that Gamble Breaux was behaving “oddly” and took a photo of them on her phone.

“Which was really weird,” they said before adding that at one point, Gamble took their phone and walked off with it. Juicy!

The source then added that Gamble Breaux was behaving "oddly" and took selfies of herself on our source's phone! Source: Supplied.
The source then added that Gamble Breaux was behaving “oddly” and took selfies of herself on our source’s phone! Source: Supplied.

Anjali Rao Has a Dramatic Walkout on The Real Housewives of Melbourne!

As reported in episode 114 of the So Dramatic! Podcast with Megan Pustetto, she doesn’t even finish the season.

According to our source, there is conflict on the show (when isn’t there) and it gets so heated that Anjali cracks the sh*ts and walks.

We have further proof that Anjali Rao quits and walks out of The Real Housewives of Melbourne this season!
Real Housewives of Melbourne star Anjali Rao sensationally quits the show! Source: Foxtel

On top of this, the house she is filming in is not even hers! Oh the drah-mah!!

“They had to get her new apartment to make her look richer because she is not rich,” a source told host Megan Pustetto. “Producers asked her to rent a new house for the show because he’s was not up to scratch but she couldn’t afford it so they ended up paying for a new house for her! She’s not even slightly wealthy!” Ouch!

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