Ever wondered if the order of the auctions on The Block 2021 matters? Well, according to some past winners, it absolutely does!

In fact, Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia have expressed concern over the matter on numerous occasions.

Speaking to host Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast, past winners Sara and Hayden Vale revealed the reason why they would be stressing.

Sara and Hayden Vale have revealed why The Block auction order matters. Source: Channel 9.

The House Location on The Block Is Important for The Auction

According to Sara and Hayden, choosing the best apartment that would be “bang for your buck” was important.

“When we went to our auction meeting, we knew — because when we we picked that apartment — we knew that it wouldn’t be penthouse style reserves. It would be a little bit less for the reserves so it would mean more bang for your buck.

The stunning kitchen from Sara and Hayden’s winning home! Source: Channel 9.

The Auction Order During the Finale of The Block Matters

“So, when we were thinking, if we can secure that apartment, we’d have a better chance of winning.And if they can get in a good position in the auction, then they definitely are in with a chance,” Hayden revealed in episode 110 of So Dramatic!.

“It all played out in our favour,” Sara added.

It sure did because the Vale’s had the third highest reserve of $2,475,000 and sold their apartment for a huge $3,020,000. The couple pocketed a total profit of $645,000 including the $100,000 prize money for coming first!

Sara and Hayden pocketed a total profit of $645,000 including the $100,000 prize money! Source: Channel 9.

The Culrpits of Australia’s Biggest Cheating Scandal on The Block will be Revealed!

According to Josh Packham, we’re about to find out exactly who took that goddam sneaky photo of the room order. Praise be!!

Speaking to Abbie Chatfield on Love Island’s Afterparty, when asked if we’d finally get to the bottom of it, Josh said: “You will, you will. It will come out.” Oooh!

Blockheads Tanya and Vito Guccione had been under intense scrutiny since the series began and had been blamed for using the photo of the board for an unfair advantage. This came after Tanya admitted an “anonymous tradie” had sent her the shot.

Host Scott Cam calling out The Block contestants during the cheating scandal. Source: Channel 9.

While a huge scandal, both Sara and Hayden admitted that they didn’t think that the House 4 contestants got a “heads up” advantage from having that confidential information.

“It’s not really [a cheating scandal], because you know that you’re going to have to renovate the whole house,” Hayden said.

“Yeah, she might’ve found out what order they were thinking about filming it in, but at the end of the day, all of the rooms have got to get done.”

Catch the finale of The Block Australia 2021 on Sunday, October 29 on 9 and 9Now.

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