Locky Gilbert has been announced as a recruit on the 2022 season of SAS Australia but it turns out he only just nabbed the gig over fellow Bachelor star Ciarran Stott.

One source revealed on episode 108 of So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto that Locky’s appearance on the show was in doubt up until the eleventh hour.

Both Bachelor franchise alum Locky Gilbert and Ciarran Stott have missed out on being cast in SAS Australia 2022.
Locky Gilbert has been announced as a recruit on the 2022 season of SAS Australia but it turns out he only just nabbed the gig over fellow Bachelor star Ciarran Stott. Source: Network Ten.

“Locky was cast early on but his appearance was in doubt due to the COVID outbreak in Sydney,” the source dished. “He didn’t want to risk being stuck here and unable to get home considering WA have the strictest border restrictions.

The source went on to explain that Locky’s fellow super spreader and Bachelor alum, Ciarran, was waiting in the wings as a backup for Locky.

“He was going to be put in as a replacement if Locky pulled out and was unable to film,” the source explained. “They kept Ciarran hanging until the very last minute.” Poor Ciarran!

As reported on episode 101 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, Locky and Ciarran applied for the first two seasons of SAS Australia, however missed out both times. Looks like third time’s a charm for Locky!

Ciarran Will Appear on The Bachelorette Sweden!

While a redemption story on SAS Australia would be very fitting for our CEO super-spreader, don’t feel too bad for Ciarran has he is still set to appear on The Bachelorette Sweden!

As reported on episode 81 of the So Dramatic! Podcast with Megan Pustetto, Ciarran, headed to Greece for filming in May 2021.

“It’s not an English speaking show so I don’t know how he will communicate with the Bachelorette,” a source revealed. We wonder if f*ckboy is an internationally recognised language? 

Angie’s season aired in Sweden about a year after it aired here and they loved it!” they added. “So they would be very familiar with him and that’s why they would have reached out to him.”

Locky Is Already Redeemed!

While Locky would be a great physical asset to SAS (we’d love to see it) — he’s already had a redemption of sorts in our eyes!

In a hilarious turn of events, last week he admitted to his f*ck boy ways and said that he “deserved” to be called a “super-spreader” by So Dramatic!‘s Megan Pustetto.

Most recently, he posted a photo of him and his Bachelor finale pick Irena Srbinovska on Saturday as they celebrated fellow Survivor alum Harry Hills‘ marriage to his new wife, Jordan.

As expected, fans went gaga over the cute pic, including Megan, who left a heart-eye emoji in the comment section.

One fan was quick to question why Megan was commenting on the photo after calling Locky a super-spreader on the podcast, to which the Survivor hunk responded: “To be honest, I did deserve it.” LOL.

“Thank God [Irena] has changed me for the better,” he added, and yes, thank God indeed!

locky gilbert super-spreader
Locky admitted he “deserved” the term “super spreader” coined by So Dramatic! Source: Instagram @locklangilbert.

Better luck next year on your SAS Australia journey, Ciarran! And we can’t wait to watch you tackle the course, Locky!

For more tea on Ciarran Stott and Locky Gilbert, listen to episode 108 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto.

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