The Bachelorette Australia 2021 might not have kicked off yet, but people are already putting money on who will be cast in the coveted role come 2022 and the odds are f*cking WILD.

Every year Sportsbet turns the famed dating show into a betting bonanza and this year is no different, presenting punters with a list is longer than the Bach mansion driveway.

As usual, it boasts some real contenders and some… not so much.

Considering the next leading lady will be following in the footsteps of Georgia Love, Sam Frost and Brooke Blurton, it’s safe to say some of these names are batsh*t crazy and have no business digging an even bigger hole for the already dying franchise.

In saying that, we’ll let you decide who’s in and who’s out. So, put your money where your mouth is and keep scrolling to see the top gals pegged to take on The Bachelorette 2022!

Abbie Chatfield

Odds: $5.00

Despite previously claiming that she’ll never appear on The Bachelorette, we think the intelligent Gemini would be a welcome addition to the franchise after becoming a fan favourite (and semi-villain) on Matt Agnew‘s season— plus, ratings would be through the roof!

Tilly Whitfield

Odds: $6.00

We can definitely see Tilly as a contender for the starring role, but while she was a fun watch on Big Brother 2021, we can’t help but think 21-years-old is a little young to star on a show about finding everlasting love.

Booka Nile

Odds: $7.00

We would pay so much more than seven bucks to see Booka as the next Bachette and watch as she annihilates her not-so-worthy suitors with personalised songs along the same vein as Married at First Sight smash hit Brett.

Renee Barrett

Odds: $8.50

We say there’s a slim chance of Renee rocking up on Bachelorette, especially after the producers dumped her at the 11th hour for Brooke Blurton this year. Nevertheless, we think she’d be an easy watch but by no means a standout in this list.

Brooke Cleal

Odds: $10.00

Unless you’re up for the sequel to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, it’s a big f*ck no from us.

Nikki Webster

Odds: $11.00

TBH the only reason we’d like to see this former child star on the show is that we just want her to tell the suitors that she’s been “missing their Strawberry Kisses“!

Jessika Power

Odds: $13.00

Jessika would be hitting the reality TV trifecta if she were to appear on the famed dating show following MAFS and Big Brother VIP and we just know it would be HECTIC watching the TV starlet try to make a firm decision on which bloke to pick.

Felicity Palmateer

Odds: $15.00

While we fell in love with Flick on Australian Survivor: Brains VS Brawn, we don’t think she’ll be trying out The Bachelorette anytime soon — for starters, she is still very much in a long-term relo with partner Mitch Gimm.

Alana Lister

Odds: $17.00

The Married at First Sight alumni would be such great talent as the Bachelorette for a number of reasons —she’s hot, she’s fun and she also expressed interest in taking on the role after her MAFS experience turned out to be a doozy.

Carlie Hodges

Odds: $17.00

God, where do we begin? This strong, independent woman clearly don’t need no man, but we would be behind her 100% if she decided to take another stab at the Bachelor franchise after failing to find love with Jimmy Nichsolson this year.

Jacinta ‘Jay’ Lal

Odds: $21.00

After claims that Jay was only on The Bachelor 2021 to find fame and after it was revealed she previously dated the Kiwi Bachelor Moses Mackay, we definitely think The Bachelorette is in her sights… let’s just hope she’s a little more honest this time around.

Scherri-Lee Biggs

Odds: $21.00

Former Miss Universe Australia and weather presenter Scherri-Lee could be the perfect candidate for The Bachelorette — positively striking and personable as we discovered on Celebrity Apprentice 2021, the guys would LOVE her.

Vakoo Kauapirura

Odds: $23.00

Vakoo has previously expressed how much she’d like to be the first Black woman to take on The Bachelorette Australia and we are HERE FOR IT! However, Vakoo has a boyfriend so TBH, we don’t think this is a sure bet.

Areeba Emmanuel

Odds: $26.00

Our girl Areeba got done dirty when Ranga Lives Matter advocate Zoe-Clare came for her on The Bachelor 2020, so we think she deserves a do-over with her very own Bachelorette season and we just know it would chaotic AF.

Honourable Mentions

Also in the running are several more former Married at First Sight brides in the likes of Georgia Fairweather and Beck Zemek, Australian Survivor‘s Phoebe Timmins and Beauty and The Geek 2021 winner Kiera Johnstone, who we will only accept as our Bachie queen if Lachy Mansell is hired as her wingman.

Check out the rest of The Bachelorette 2022 hopefuls below!

Jess Origliasso – $26.00

Gabrielle Loye – $29.00

Kiera Johnstone – $31.00

Beck Zemeck – $31.00

Georgia Fairweather – $34.00

Phoebe Timmins – $34.00

Montana Strauss – $41.00

Romy Poulier – $41.00

Arabella Del Busso – $51.00

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