A brand new trailer for Big Brother VIP Australia has dropped and it appears that the all-star contestants have ditched the glitz and glamour of celebrity life for deep n’ meaningful conversations and jaw-dropping confessions!

And because they’re celebrities (of sorts…), Big Brother has upgraded their stay from his house to a brand new boujee AF hotel, but something tells us that the experience won’t be as relaxing as a regular holiday getaway…

Thomas Markle Jr famously wrote Prince Harry a letter in 2018, pleading with him not to marry his half-sister Meghan, but another could be on its way as the clip reveals Thomas in the diary room as he announces to Big Brother that he’s going to pen another bombshell note to his sister and brother-in-law!

“Dear Meghan and Harry… The first thing I want to say to both of you…” he begins before the scene cuts off, leaving all to be revealed in the upcoming season.

Thomas Markle Jr is set to drop new bombshells in a letter to sister Meghan and brother-in-law Prince Harry. Source: Channel 7.

In contrast to the wicked ways of some contestants, the promo clip shows that others have taken the opportunity to educate their fellow Big Brother vacationers during the experience, with Olympian and political candidate Caitlyn Jenner sitting down with Australian Survivor star Luke Toki and model Imogen Anthony to share her trans journey.

Using the analogy of being born left or right-handed to explain that being born trans is no different, Caitlyn questions Luke as to why he’s right-handed and she isn’t. “Well, it’s just the way you were born,” Luke responded, hitting the point home for the celebrities.

Former Brisbane Lions AFL captain Dayne Beams also delved into serious conversation with the hotel guests about his gambling and addiction spiral, noting the empathy he feels for his wife as they went through the turmoil together.

“My wife, she’s been through a lot. Sorry if I get a bit emotional,” he said. “I’ve been at rock bottom.”

Dayne is just one of 12 VIPs taking a vacation from their glamourous lives, joining names such as Bernard Curry, Ellie Gonsalves and Jessika Power, who muses for ladies to “lock up your husbands” in the clip, referring to her time on Married at First Sight when she infamously hooked up with another woman’s husband on the faux-marriage reality series.

Jessika Power infamously hooked up with Tamara Joy’s husband, Dan Webb (pictured). Source: Nine.

If the teaser trailer is boasting a bucketful of sh*t-stirring, we can’t wait to see all the drama unfold once the show actually goes to air!

Big Brother VIP Australia begins on Channel 7 and 7Plus late 2021.

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