Love Island Australia 2022’s Mitch Eliot and Phoebe Spiller may be pegged to win the series, but after Mitch turned his head for Maddy Gillbanks, fans were shocked by the ol’ 180.

Then, during the November 15 episode of the series — streaming on 9Now and 9GO — Mitch admitted that he was “falling for” Phoebe, which left us seriously scratching our heads.

In an interview with So Dramatic!, evicted Islander Holly Oakes-Ferguson has explained what could be happening inside his head!

When asked if she trusted Mitch, the UK-born babe said she doesn’t think Mitch is “fake”.

“I think he came in there wanting one thing and got swept off his feet by Phoebe and then kind of sh*t himself,” she said. “You know, like every boy who would go into a relationship would sh*t himself!” LOL.

“I’m just really intrigued to see whether or not he’s actually going to continue on the golden goose era or f*ck around with her because I think he’s got two sides of his head.”

Unbeknownst to the Islanders, Mitch told Maddy that he was “open” to pursuing her; however, according to Holly, he blatantly “lied about it in the villa”.

“He said that he didn’t say he was going to be open with Maddy, but then he obviously did, giving us this facade of ‘oh no, I didn’t say that’, and then tried to make Maddy look like an idiot,” she said.

Love Island Australia 2022’s Holly Oakes-Ferguson Remained True to Herself In the Villa

When we acknowledged her tough run in the villa, Holly said, “Thanks so much for saying that,” before admitting she was happy with how she was portrayed.

“I’m really happy with my portrayal especially in that second week,” Holly admitted. “You got to see more of my personality and how I cared for others.

“I kind of wanted to go in there and show that you’ve got to have some balls to be in here, and you’ve got to make a difference, I just wanted to always be 110 per cent myself, so I was very open about quite a few things in there.”

“I think a lot of the Islanders in there did respect that.”

cast love island australia
Holly said her co-stars “respected” her being so open in the villa. Source: Nine.

Love Island Australia 2022’s Holly Oakes-Ferguson Saw the Softer Side of Conor Howard

During November 14’s “double dumping”, Holly was ousted alongside newly formed bae Conor Howard, and while he raised some major red flags, she saw a much softer side to him.

While in “some instances”, she wouldn’t have coupled up with him after seeing what transpired on the show, she understood where he was coming from.

holly and conor love island
Holly said she saw a “softer side” to villa partner Conor Howard. Source: Nine.

“A lot of the things I saw [on the show] were red flags,” Holly said. “But based on the person of Conor, we actually did have a very good connection in there and a very good friendship.”

“I did see the softer side of him; as much as he portrays this big macho man, he is actually quite a massive softy on the inside.

“I think he’s just got a lot of damage that he needs to work out, and that’s his own thing to work out. And I just don’t think the show was the best place to work it out.”

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