The Block 2018’s Jess Eva has confronted a cleaner who filmed a “sexy” video in her bedroom instead of, ya know, actually working.

While this story is already bizarre AF, not only did it occur at all, but the entire nation got to witness it on A Current Affair during the October 31 episode. Happy Halloween y’all!

According to the report, Jess paid cleaner and OnlyFans creator Kyla Hutton $650 to tidy her Sunshine Coast property — and frankly, the real crime here is the cost!

Shortly after Kyla began working, Jess received an “accidental” text message from the contractor, which showed her performing a “sexy dance” in the master bedroom.

Then, during a rather heated disagreement on ACA, Jess and Kyla went head-to-head, with the reality star-turned-radio host claiming that her home was not properly cleaned.

“What was not clean about it? What was not clean about it?” Kyla repeatedly asked her employer.

“The floors, the rooms, the kitchen, the drawers!” Jess responded.

And then this: “OK, but it was clean; it’s not going to take much you’ve just got to wipe a little bit and dust a little bit.” Umm, that was literally her ONE job…

jess eva cleaner

When Did Jess Eva’s Cleaner, Kyla Hutton, Film the “Sexy” Video?

According to the adult content creator, she filmed the video while taking a short break before sending her friend “a funny video for two seconds”.

“I sat down for two seconds that whole time,” Kyla said. “I worked my a*s off in that place, I scrubbed every goddamn f*cking wall.”

Even though the cleaner claimed she only had a small break, another image posted to Facebook was found, which showed her in lingerie in Jess’ home.

A caption accompanied it: “Life is what you make it”.

jess eva cleaner
According to Kyla, she filmed the video while taking a short break before sending her friend “a funny video for two seconds”. Source: Facebook.

Kyla Hutton Had a Male Companion In The Block’s Jess Eva’s House

Late one evening, Jess sent a friend over to her house to ensure that the cleaning had been done; however, when her friend turned up, Kyla was allegedly in the shower, AND she was not alone. A male was also reportedly in the home with her.

The friend then asked Kyla for the house keys, who then said she didn’t have them.

In order to get her keys back, Jess then subscribed to Kyla’s OnlyFans, where she received an auto message.

jess eva cleaner
Jess sent a friend over to her house to ensure the cleaning was done; however, she allegedly caught Kyla in the shower. Source: Instagram.

“If you have any fantasies or ideas you want to see me, do let me know, and I will get to work,” it read. And LOL, that’s all Jess wanted in the first place…

“Have ya found my keys?” Jess shot back. “If she is genuine about making all my dreams and fantasies come true, all I want is to see my keys.” LOL!

On October 31, Kyla took to Facebook, saying there are “two sides to every story”.

“If you want to hear my side, I’m more than happy to share details. Add my tick-tock [sic] I will be live there tonight peachypeach6969.”

@peachypeach6969 Y’all probably seen this on A currant affairs last night #shoutouttojess ♬ original sound – TeachMePeaches


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