Last week, we revealed that Farmer Wants a Wife 2021’s Farmer Matt Trewin was dating Madi Simpson from Farmer Will Simpson‘s farm, and now, the contestant has revealed what really happened.

ICYMI: As reported in episode 223 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to the 26-year-old said that the pair were dating and that Madi even went “down to his hometown a couple of weekends ago” for a pub fundraiser event.

“I’m a local, and she’s fit in pretty well, looks like a ball of fun and was very social, always talking to someone new. The whole town has been grilling him ever since!” the Insider dished.

Now, as reported in episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Madi slid into our DMs to give us the 411 on her tryst with the farmer.

“That ship has sailed,” she said. “Pretty sure he’s made a move on every single FWAW 2022 reject.”

According to the 2022 star, they were “just friends”, and nothing ever really “ended” because “there wasn’t anything serious there to begin with.”

“That ship has sailed,” Madi told So Dramatic!. “Pretty sure he’s made a move on every single FWAW 2022 reject.” Source: Instagram.

“[We] literally only hung out twice!” she admitted before adding: “We’re still good friends and talk often, but I think he has a reputation of being a bit more of a sleaze than I realised.” Oop!

Farmer Matt and Madi Simpson Had Been Chatting Since Earlier This Year

According to our original source, word had “spread pretty quick”; however, they didn’t know too many details and now we know why!

“A mate said they’ve been chatting since March/April when the show finished filming,” they revealed before adding: “They both looked really happy. She wasn’t glued to his hip either and spent a lot of time getting to know the locals.”

madi simpson
A source said Madi and Matt had been chatting since the show finished filming. Source: Instagram.

While the source wasn’t sure how they met, they assumed it was Farmer related.

Since this was an email tip-off at the time, we went to a FWAW 2022 contestant to confirm.

“Definitely sounds like a Matt thing to do, and he loves a blonde girl!” LOL!

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