Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2022 has just about finished up for the year, however, there’s still time for some juicy behind-the-scenes producer tea.

In fact, this latest titbit — which landed in our inbox — was from a source who was meant to be on one of the farms, however, backed out at the eleventh hour.

If you’re now wondering how TF she would know, our reliable source got her intel from a “friend” who was also cast …á la an actual contestant!

farmer wants a wife 2022
A source revealed how producers were able to get emotional reactions from the cast. Source: Seven.

“There’s been a lot of crap happening behind the scenes,” the very well-placed insider dished, as reported in episode 218 of the So Dramatic! podcast.

“The girls are all forced to watch the other dates from cars hidden in the background.” Umm, mi scusi?!

According to the source, the producers made the girls watch the other dates in order to get “more of an emotional reaction” from them.

“It’s a bit crazy and sociopathic,” they said and no sh*t, Sherlock!

watch farmer wants a wife 2022
According to our source, the girls were made to watch the other dates. Source: Seven.

How Were the Farmer Wants a Wife 2022 Date Nights Filmed by Producers?

The So Dramatic! spy also revealed that the OG date nights were filmed at two and three am (just like The Bachelor Australia rose ceremonies) and the contestants would be drinking.

“Having super emotional contestants super tired and tipsy makes for great TV,” they added.

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So Dramatic! has reached out to Channel 7 for comment.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 218 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!