The Bachelor Australia 2020‘s Bella Varelis admitted she’d been posting pre-plastic surgery photos of herself for over a week until she was ready to tell fans about her recent “nose job”.

The 27-year-old first revealed that she was recovering from plastic surgery by sharing an image of her bandaged nose to her Instagram Story nearly two weeks after the procedure.

Then, on September 26, Bella released a “mukbang” (an eating broadcast) YouTube video while still in recovery, in which she explained why she decided to be transparent about her surgery.

“Don’t be mad at me, but I’ve been lying to you for the last ten days. Everything you saw on my social media was fake,” Bella told her fans.

The Bachie alum then said she went to Dr Scott Turner in Bondi for the procedure, where she paid $12,873 for a “mini nose job” and eyelid lift to one eye. 

“I didn’t actually get a full nose job. I only got a mini nose job. I got a tip-plasty, that was only a tip reconstruction,” Bella clarified. 

bella varelis nose job
Bella shared an image of her bandaged nose after the surgery on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

She added: “I didn’t break my nose, which is what happens when you get a full rhinoplasty. You can do a little shave, which I did as well, but I did not break my nose.”

The doctor also offered to lift her eyelid slightly, as one was apparently sitting slightly lower than the other.

Bella Varelis Encourages Fans to be “Nosey” Following Her Surgery

Upon first revealing that she had a nose job, the influencer encouraged her followers to “be as nosey as you like”, urging them to ask her questions about the procedure.

“I’ve been unsure about whether or not I wanted to speak about this publicly as it was quite a personal thing for me,” she said on Instagram.

“But I love being open with you all about my life so here I am, being completely transparent about the surgery because I believe you deserve that”.

She then admitted that it’s a “sensitive topic” and that people would form “their own opinions.” However, noted that she would “not be giving any energy to negativity or rudeness”.

“For me, this was something that I always wanted to change since I was 15. I still loved the way I looked before, and my self-love wasn’t dependent on this change, but I just preferred the change it would make on my face,” she said.

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