Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Olivia Frazer has revealed she is dating a “mystery man” after breaking up with TV husband Jackson Lonie last month.

While she was recently seen with Aaron Seeto from Beauty and the Geek, during an Instagram Q&A on September 12, the controversial bride revealed that she had known her new guy “for a long time”.

“I met him working in a restaurant when I was 21,” she said. “I had such a crush; I used to work late to catch up with him.” Aww!

olivia frazer mystery man
Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Olivia Frazer has revealed she is dating a “mystery man”. Source: Instagram.

According to the 29-year-old, she is “going with the flow” with her new bae and revealed that “it’s making me happy”.

“I’m just going to enjoy it and not think too hard,” she said.

olivia frazer mystery man
Olivia admitted her new beau was making her “happy”. Source: Instagram.

While she remains tight-lipped about who he is, don’t try to find him on Insta because he doesn’t have social media — or an opinion on her having an OnlyFans account, for that matter!

“He doesn’t have Social [sic] media, so he doesn’t really get it,” she admitted, however, adding that he “adores” her.

“[He] adores me and is supportive AF [sic] despite being very confused [by social media].”

In the accompanying pic of her and her new lover, the pair are wearing matching Home Alone Christmas jumpers, while Olivia holds a ciggie in her left hand.

olivia frazer new man

“Yes, I’m smoking in this pic. It’s gross, and I quit a long time ago,” she said before revealing her rule about sex.

“No rules, just go with the flow. If you feel it, you feel it,” she said before admitting she would date someone in the public eye again.

“I like being public,” she said. “I like being transparent with you guys. Of course, I have to respect someone else’s privacy. But I’m excited and happy; you guys will know about it as much as I can say.”

Fans Questioned How Quick Olivia Frazer Was to Move on From Jackson Lonie

During the same AMA, one Instagram user questioned how Olivia could be “madly in love” with Jackson and then move on six weeks later.

“Very odd!” they said.

“Judge away,” Olivia responded. “Personally, I’d get a life. But whatever. It’s your energy/negativity, not mine.”

olivia frazer new man
Olivia hit back at a troll who questioned her moving on so quickly. Source: Instagram.

Olivia also admitted that she didn’t miss her former MAFS groom, saying that he’s “still in my life and always will be (in an appropriate way). I don’t need to miss someone I haven’t lost.”

She then told her fans why Jackson is still a feature on her social media accounts.

“Because I’m not as petty as people think!” LOL!

olivia jackson new man

Olivia Frazer Revealed She Was Back on the Dating Apps

On August 31, Olivia revealed she was on the hunt for love again after signing up for the Hinge dating app.

The reality star admitted that she had recently created a profile on the popular platform following her breakup from Jackson in August.

married at first sight olivia frazer
Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer revealed she had signed up for the Hinge dating app. Source: Instagram.

At the time, her profile, which was supplied to Daily Mail Australia, said she was looking for a “short-term fling” however, she was open to finding something a lil’ more serious.

It looks like she won’t be needing that profile for a while!

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