Jess and Lisa Origliasso shocked fans after they archived The Veronicas’ entire Instagram feed, claiming they were both “going solo”, and now they’re revealed the real reason why.

The Untouched singers also shared announcements of their split and subsequent “solo” projects to their Instas and babes; nobody was convinced. 

The promo videos suggest a feud bubbling between the twins; however, we’ve watched too many eps of The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life to think that ordeal was happening again. 

the veronicas
Jess and Lisa Origliasso have revealed the real reason they’ve gone solo. Source: Instagram.

ICYMI – While Jessica was dating Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose in 2016, they became “isolated” from her sis Lisa, and the twins didn’t speak for “a year”. Yeah, that one hurts right in the nostalgia. 

So, What Was The Veronicas’ “Solo Project” Really About? 

The Aussie icons — who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that “The Veronicas are not breaking up by any means”. Phew! 

Instead, Jess and Lisa were just starting some side hustles with a campaign called The Solo Project with Vodka Cruiser. It’s time to throw on some low-rise jeans, sip on a Guava Cruiser and boogie to Take Me on the Floor because the mid-2000s are back, baby!  

In all realness (though we might still be jamming to the Hook Me Up album RN), Jess and Lisa revealed they decided to take on the campaign to “introduce [themselves] to the public as individuals for the first time”. 

“We were representing ourselves for the first time. I think that was really scary for people,” the twins said.

“That’s been scary to us in some capacity not to be able to lean on each other as much creatively as we have for 17 years, but it’s also really empowering.

“What we keep saying is [that] we’re powerful together, but we’re also powerful alone, and the whole spirit of this campaign is that we want to encourage feminine people to know they are powerful.”

What Music Are The Veronicas Now Releasing?

As a part of the campaign, Jess released her solo song Seeing Stars, while Lisa’s single was called Cruisin’ On My Own. We see what you did there!!

Crisis averted!

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