Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2022’s Farmer Benjamin Jackson found fame when a video he made in August 2021 went viral.

The sheep farmer from Guyra paid the ultimate homage to his aunt — who had died from cancer — by creating a stunning love heart made from, well, sheep.

At the time, Benjamin said he had felt “hopeless”, so he decided to honour her with his animals.

viral heart farmer benjamin
Farmer Benjamin found fame in August 2021 after sharing a tribute to his late aunt went viral. Source: Seven.

The video of the touching gesture went viral, making local and international news at the time, even being featured in The Washington Post.

“My Aunty Deb had one of the biggest hearts known to me,” he told the publication. “Why not try to make a heart that showed how big it was?

“I think one of the reasons it has resonated is that we all need to give each other a virtual hug.”

Prior to this, the 33-year-old shared another video, backing the NSW Blues before the 2019 State of Origin.

Before the match, he distributed his flock’s daily feed into a huge “GO BLUES” formation, making headlines across the country.

At the time, Guyra was stricken by drought, and by doing this, it had the potential to “highlight how tough it really is to a broader community.”

state of origin farmer benjamin
Benjamin found fame with a video barracking for the NSW Blues before the State of Origin decider in 2019. Facebook.

“State of Origin, and in fact sport in general, is a fantastic circuit breaker for everyone. For 80 minutes, you are not thinking about drought,” he told the Canberra Times.

Since then, he has also written “AC/DC”, “Kip”, and “Billie” using his animals.

What Is Farmer Benjamin Jackson from Farmer Wants a Wife Like?

As reported in episode 209 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to Benjamin revealed what the farmer was really like.

“He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Full of energy,” they dished. “He’s quirky but very intelligent and enjoys a game of cricket and is pretty good at scoring runs.”

farmer benjamin farmer wants a wife
“He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet,” a source revealed to So Dramatic! Source: Instagram.

The insider also believes Benjamin is on the show for the “right reasons” and that no one in his hometown “has a bad word to say about him.”

They did, however, say that his parents are “unhappy” he’s partaking in Farmer Wants a Wife.

“His dad is the current president/chairman of the NSW farmers association,” they added.

Who Is Farmer Benjamin Jackson from Farmer Wants a Wife 2022?

Benjamin is a self-proclaimed agricultural enthusiast and has a degree in drama, co-owns a record label, is a DJ and produces music. He also dabbles in the visual arts.

The farmer is looking for a partner that he is “emotionally, intellectually and physically attracted to.”

“I am not looking for a farm-hand or labour, but it would be nice if she had an interest in the farm and was willing to be a team-mate around these parts on occasion,” he said in his official FWAW bio.

“Equally so, I want to be able to engage and help her out in her profession or interests. But it’s not a deal breaker.”

farmer benjamin jackson
Benjamin is a self-proclaimed agricultural enthusiast and has a degree in drama. Source: Instagram.

Farmer Benjamin is “incredibly passionate about music and general creative goodness” and fuses creative and farm life together.

As for his philosophy on life?

“Omnia Vincit Amor” i.e. “love conquers all”.


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