My Kitchen Rules 2018 contestant Sonya Mefaddi‘s clothing label SONYA MODA has been slammed after the brand blocked a customer online who requested more size inclusivity.

Melbourne woman Beth Wilson reportedly asked the label on Instagram if they could provide a photo of a size 12 model wearing a particular dress.

Taking to TikTok, the makeup artist explained WTF went down between her and the MKR star’s label in a video that has since gone viral, with over 700 comments and nearly 30k likes.

According to Beth, she was scrolling through her Insta feed when she came across a SONYA MODA dress. She visited the website for more details, however, was disappointed with what she found.

And nope, it’s not the fact that the dress costs a pretty penny at $420!

“I noticed they sell this dress up to a size 16 but there was no one on the website wearing it except for this model,” she said.

“It’s not completely uncommon so I headed over to their Instagram to see if I could see someone wearing it who was closer to my size.”

Beth added that she “couldn’t see anyone” of a size 12 or larger on the brand’s feed, “nor could [she] see much size inclusivity” on their Insta highlights.

@bethwilson_mua POV: you just wanted to see the dress in a size 12 #fashiontok #midsizefashion #midsizegal ♬ original sound – Beth Wilson

It was then that the Melburnian commented on a post promoting the dress she liked, asking if SONYAMODA had “any pics of someone beyond a size 10” wearing it.

What Did SONYA MODA Respond to Beth Wilson’s Query?

The brand responded to Beth’s query, telling her that SONYA MODA “caters for all women of all sizes”.

They also said that they repost a number of customers’ photos who wear the SONYA MODA outfits.

Beth then went back to the brand, asking where she could find the aforementioned posts. According to the MUA, she had previously seen pregnant women wear the label, however, none of whom were over a size 12.

The brand did not respond.

beth wilson sonya moda
Beth was disappointed to find a lack of size inclusivity in SONYA MODA’s model photos. Source: Instagram.

Another customer highlighted the hypocrisy of SONYA MODA’s comment: “‘Women of all sizes’ except those beyond a 16.”

The label then came back with a rather snarky response, penning: “I wouldn’t be questioning a brand who creates pieces for plus size women. We have reposted many plus size women on our stories.”

Beth then questioned SONYA MODA’s idea of “plus size”, especially when the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the average Aussie woman fits sizes 14 to 16.

beth wilson sonya moda
Source: Instagram.

The 30-year-old then revealed when she refreshed her Instagram notification, the entire thread had been deleted.

She was also blocked from SONYA MODA’s account.

SONYA MODA’s Founder and My Kitchen Rules Contestant Sonya Mefaddi Addresses Beth Wilson’s Experience

In a statement provided to Pedestrian.TV, founder Sonya said she was “sorry to hear” of Beth’s experience with her brand.

“It would never be our intention to make anyone feel excluded or unworthy.”

She revealed that when she started the label in 2019, she “sampled everything in [her] size”, which is a 12.

“It was important for me and still is to ensure our fit would work for all women.”

She continued: “Sadly, I learnt quickly this wasn’t feasible as buyers request to see samples in a traditional sample size 8 and as a young brand it’s just not feasible for us at this time to create 2 sets of samples or to hire a second model on our shoots. We repost and share organic content from all our customers for this reason.”

sonya my kitchen rules
Sonya, pictured with MKR bestie Hadil Faiza, said providing photos of sizes above an 8 was “not feasible”. Source: Seven.

Beth has since told the publication that she has not heard from the label.

“I have not received an apology from SONYA MODA nor has the brand reached out,” she confessed.

“In fact, I am still blocked.”

Sonya appeared on the hit state-versus-state cooking show in 2018 alongside her bestie, Hadil Faiza.

The pair were booted from the show after “the drama went through the roof and a lot of people got turned off”, chef and guest judge Colin Fassnidge following their exit.

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