Love Island UK 2022 contestant Coco Lodge has spilled a bunch of behind-the-scenes tea after being dumped from the villa.

After stirring up drama as a Casa Amor bombshell, the 27-year-old failed to find love after Andrew Le Page backflipped on his decision to stay with her.

andrew coco casa amor
Love Island UK 2022 contestant Coco Lodge has spilled a bunch of behind-the-scenes tea since being dumped from the villa. Source: ITV.

While she dropped some serious truth bombs during her time on the show (#Tit-Gate, forever in our hearts), Coco has since revealed crazy AF secrets about what really happens in the Love Island digs.

Taking to UK radio station Capital FM’s TikTok, the Surrey woman said there are some nights that the contestants are banned from sharing a bed with the opposite sex.


“A secret no one knows about being in the Love Island villa is that we have same-sex bed nights,” she confessed. “We’re not allowed to share with the boys; we have to pair up with a girl.”

Some may be miffed with being separated from their bae, but Coco admitted it was a “nice break”.

Male and Female Love Island UK Contestants Are Also “Separated” During Meals

Coco also dished that during “lunch and dinnertime”, the guys and gals are sat apart.

“We’re separated from the boys; that’s why it’s not filmed,” the graphic designer said in response to questions about why fans never see the Islanders eat meals. “We do eat.”

During this time, however, the contestants can’t discuss what happens on camera.

@capitalofficial @coco_lodge shared some more #loveisland ♬ original sound – Capital

“[There’s] no talking about storylines. No talking about relationships, couples, anything like that,” she confessed.

Instead, the girls talk about “girly stuff or whatever else”.

Can Islanders Talk About What’s Happening Outside the Villa?

Of course, there’d be a natural instinct to ask new arrivals WTAF is happening in the real world.

“Whenever a new bombshell comes in or us Casa [Amor] girls, everyone wants to know what’s going on in the outside world, but we’re not allowed to talk about it,” Coco said. “If we start [talking], we get told off.”

However, there are some sneaky lil’ ways the Islanders have shared messages about their outside lives with their co-stars.

“We communicate through the phones. We write little secret messages to each other under the duvet.”

antigoni love island
Islanders use their phones to communicate “secret messages” to each other about the outside world. Source: ITV.

Coco added that some of the most common questions asked by existing Islanders is how many followers they’ve gained and “what the press is saying about them”. Ummm… We thought you went on the show for love?!

Noting that it’s “hard not to tell” their mates what the tea is, Coco said they adopted the “secret message” technique pretty quick-smart!

@capitalofficial the lovely @Coco_lodge joined capital breakfast where she shared some #loveisland ♬ original sound – Capital

We just LOVE a rogue Islander!

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