After one week of Hunted Australia, fans on Twitter have started plotting their own strategies to stay safe and make it through the 21-day challenge.

Over the last three episodes, Hunted Australia fans have watched the fugitives try everything from dressing up as nuns to hanging out on the beach.

hunted australia twitter theories nuns
Hunted Australia fans have watched the fugitives try everything from dressing up as nuns to just hanging out on the beach. Source: Instagram

Now, viewers have seen where the captured teams have gone wrong so far and are offering their theories to evade the hunters.

While some fans plan on recreating Dawn of the Dead in a shopping centre, others reckon their best bet is to channel Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and hide in the trees.

We’ve collated some of the unique (and hilarious) ways Hunted Australia fans have to stay safely under the radar…and the Hunted Australia teams should take note!

Hunted Australia Fans on Twitter Point Out Major Flaws in the Fugitives’ Plans So Far

Twitter almost immediately pointed out that the Hunted Australia fugitives should stop taunting the hunters on Instagram. 

But come on, seeing the experts throw a tantrum every time is so funny!

Maybe stop posting your location on Instagram? Although it is kinda hilarious to watch. Source: Ten

Other viewers just recommended that the fugitives should stop sitting down for a cup of tea. 

tea jess johnson hurted instagram
Even the captured fugitives like Jess Johnson (pictured) have realised that they probably don’t have time for a cup of tea when they’re being hunted. Source: Instagram

Hunted Australia Fans Reckon the Fugitives Need Better Friends

A stand-out recommendation from fans was to find friends who don’t cooperate with the hunters because WTAF.

Viewers have started to suspect the Hunted Australia contracts say anybody on the show has to give intel and open their house for the hunters because IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING!

Are the hunters really vampires? Because they have to be invited in!

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