MasterChef Australia is back alongside a host of familiar kitchen favourites — and no, we don’t just mean the meals!

After recent seasons have been a proven success with beloved stars returning to the small screen, MasterChef Australia: Foodies vs Favourites will feature past contestants battling it out against all-new home cooks.

masterchef australia judges 2022 foodies vs favourites
MasterChef Australia is back with a brand new twist in 2022. Source: Network Ten.

Beginning Monday, April 18, the stars will flex their culinary skills for judges Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo (swoon) in a bid to become THE MasterChef.

With MasterChef Australia: Foodies vs Favourites just around the corner, here’s the complete menu of competitors serving up the works for our viewing pleasure.

Julie Goodwin (Season One Fave)

julie goodwin masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

OG MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin is ready to face the heat 13 years following her initial win.

She beat out fellow celebrity chef Poh Ling-Yeow in the finale, going on to host television and radio shows and write multiple cookbooks.

Julie was also featured in the inaugural Aussie series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2015.

Tommy Pham (Season 13 Fave)

tommy pham masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Fans fell in love with Tommy Pham (and little baby Miles) during the 2021 season of MasterChef.

After placing seventh in the overall lineup, it’s no surprise that the 31-year-old is back to stir the pot again.

Michael Weldon (Season Three Fave)

michael weldon masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Season three runner-up Michael Weldon may have lost out to Kate Bracks in 2011, but he’s back for a stab at the title in 2022.

Following his stint on the series, Michael went on to co-host Farm to Fork alongside fellow alums Sarah Todd and now-judge Andy.

John Carasig (Season Seven Fave)

john carasig masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Shocking fans and judges alike by pairing a white chocolate volute with mussels, John Carasig instantaneously become the icon of MasterChef season seven.

Now, he’s back with a vengeance — and hopefully another whacky dish pairing to boot.

Sashi Cheliah (Season 10 Fave)

sashi cheliah masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

When Sashi Cheliah took out the top gong in 2018, he also wrapped up the season with the highest ever score for a MasterChef finale.

He’s since opened a series of pop-up restaurants under the name GAJA by Sashi, as well as launched his own home chef kits, dubbed Sashi’s Secret.

Sarah Todd (Season Six Fave)

sarah todd masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

After finishing in ninth place in 2014, Sarah Todd travelled to Goa, India where she opened her own restaurant as documented in the SBS docuseries, My Restaurant in India.

She’s since filmed a series named Serve It Like Sarah, followed up by the publication of My Healthy Model Cookbook and another doco, Awesome Assam With Sarah Todd.

Alvin Quah (Season Two Fave)

alvin quah masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Fans welcome Alvin Quah back to the kitchen following his stint in season two, the series that saw Adam Liaw take out the title.

Following a gig in the third season teaching new contestants during MasterClass, Alvin also went on to work as a brand ambassador for brands such as Ayam.

Aldo Ortado (Season 10 Fave)

aldo ortado masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Back in the MasterChef Australia kitchen in 2022 —albeit without his luscious locks — is Aldo Ortado, who placed 13th in his season alongside Sashi.

Since his appearance in 2018, Aldo has featured in a number of TV cooking segments while opening a number of pop-up restaurants in Sydney.

Billie McKay (Season Seven Fave)

billie mckay masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

We have another winner in the mix, with Billie McKay back to show off her refined skills in the famed MasterChef kitchen.

Following her win, the mum-of-one racked up skills en masse in Heston Blumenthal’s famed three-Michelin star restaurant, London’s The Fat Duck.

Christina Batista (Season Five Fave)

christina batistsa masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

All hail Christina Batista! This season five fan-fave is bringing her love of Portuguese cuisine back to the Aussie small screen following her run at the title in 2013.

Ready to turn up the heat, Christina brings with her a wealth of knowledge, including skills sourced from her position at the prestigious Quay restaurant.

Mindy Woods (Season Four Fave)

mindy woods masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

After placing fourth in season four, Mindy Woods went on to work as Head of Culinary Development for the Lotus Group before transitioning to CEO.

In 2020, she opened Karkalla in Byron Bay and the proud Bundjalung woman has since focussed on bridging the connection between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through food.

Minoli De Silva (Season 13 Fave)

minoli de silva masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

One of our all-time favourite MasterChef cooks, Minoli De Silva, is gearing up to head back to the famed TV kitchen.

Since leaving the show in 2021, Minoli has been hosting pop-up restaurants and cooking classes in Darwin, shining a light on traditional Sri Lankan flavours.

Ali Stoner (Fan)

ali stoner masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

With over 200 cookbooks to her name, Ali Stoner is ready to put her culinary skills to the test on MasterChef Australia: Foodies vs Favourites.

Chris Tran (Fan)

chris tran masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Having been raised by a father who was a trained chef, Chris Tran brings knowledge of both European and traditional Vietnamese food to the MasterChef Australia table.

Daniel Lamble (Fan)

daniel lamble masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Firefighter Daniel Lamble has high hopes that his “rustic” style cooking will impress the judges as much as it impresses his pals at the firehouse, but has his Kimberly upbringing equipped him well enough for the MasterChef kitchen?

Dulan Hapuarachchi (Fan)

dulan hapuarachchi masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Born in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Dulan Hapuarachchi was raised in a household that relished good food.

Now, he brings that love to the MasterChef table with hopes to one day cook on the Sicilian coast.

Harry Tomlinson (Fan)

harry tomlinson masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Harry Tomlinson arrives in the kitchen as a coffee specialist with a love of cooking homely meals.

Bolstered by a dream of becoming a food writer, will she impress the judges enough to win the coveted gong?

Jenn Lee (Fan)

jenn lee masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Having moved from Taiwan at the age of six, Jenn Lee has a rich family history of producing delicious Taiwanese dishes.

She arrives at the MasterChef circus with a love of blending flavours with ingredients such as pork jowland ox tongue, fresh prawns and grilled king oyster mushrooms.

Keyma Vasquez Montero (Fan)

Keyma Vasquez Montero masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Born in Venezuela, Keyma Vasquez Montero brings her culture to the table in a bid to with MasterChef with hearty dishes such as empanadas, reina pepiada arepas (chicken and avocado cornmeal cakes) and chupe (chicken and corn soup).

Matt Landmark (Fan)

matt landmark masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Pegged to be a fan AND judge favourite, Matt Landmark comes from a home where simple dishes reigned supreme. However, he’ll have to up the ante come crunch time with the skills he’s honed from reading cookbooks en masse.

Max Krapivsky (Fan)

max krapivsky masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

After three failed MasterChef applications, Max Krapivsky is ready to take on the best of the best. Hoping to place first, this osteopath wants to open his own dine-in bottle-o and damn, where can we book a table?

Melanie Persson (Fan)

melissa persson masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Ready to show Australia that gluten-free doesn’t mean flavour-free, Melanie Persson is here to hero coeliac-friendly meals that pack a punch.

Montana Hughes (Fan)

montana hughes masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

After narrowly missing out on the top 24 in 2019, Montana Hughes is more than keen to compete alongside her peers and Aussie MasterChef mainstays.

Steph Woon (Fan)

steph woon masterchef 2022
Source: Network Ten.

With a dream to open a patisserie that serves Japanese and southeast Asian inspired cakes, Steph Woon takes on the MasterChef Australia competition to spread awareness of Japan’s exquisite local cuisines.

MasterChef Australia: Foodies vs Favourites kicks off on April 18 on Channel 10.

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