Producers have upped the ante for Australian Survivor: Blood v Water 2022 and this year, winning means a little more than simply vying for Sole Survivor.

For this year’s Australian Survivor series, the ruthlessness, backstabbing and betrayal cut deeper than ever, with contestants competing alongside — and against — members of their own families.

Players have been divided into Blood and Water tribes and are forced to choose between their kin or tribe on more than one occasion. This has made for a cutthroat season and some entertaining AF viewing.

Chrissy Croc Australian Survivor 2022
Australian Survivor: Blood V Water sees competitors go up against their loved ones. Source: Network Ten.

However, one contender stuck to their guns and after 47 days in the Aussie bush, took out the top spot in a landslide 10-0-0 vote.

Second-time Survivor star Mark Wales beat out co-runners-up Shayelle Lajoie and Chrissy Zaremba for the Sole Survivor title, with every vote from the jury on his side.

mark wales australian survivor 2022
Mark Wales is Australia’s latest Sole Survivor after winning with a unanimous vote. Source: Network Ten,

The 37-year-old also takes home a whopping $500,000 in prize money, which he with undoubtedly share with his wife and in-game partner, Sam Gash.

Scroll on to see who else lost out on the Australian Survivor: Blood v Water 2022 title.

Josh Millgate

josh millgate survivor
Source: Network Ten.

KJ Austin

KJ austin survivor
Source: Network Ten.

Jordie Hansen

jordie hansen survivor
Source: Network Ten.

David Goodchild

david survivor aus
Source: Network Ten.

Sam Gash

sam gash survivor
Source: Network Ten.

Jordan Schmidt

Jordan Schmidt Australian Survivor 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Michelle Chiang

michelle chiang australian survivor 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Jesse Hansen

jesse hansen survivor australia 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Mel Chiang

mel chiang australia survivor 2022 blood v water
Source: Network Ten.

Khahn Ong

Khanh Ong survivor au
Source: Network Ten.

Ben Watson

Ben Australian Survivor
Source: Network Ten.

Mick “Croc” Crocker

Croc Survivor Australia
Source: Network Ten.

Nina Twine

Nina Survivor Australia
Source: Network Ten.

Amy Ong

Amy Ong Survivor Australia
Source: Network Ten.

Sophia Cachia

Sophie Survivor: Blood v water
Source: Network Ten.

Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz Survivor Australia 2022
Source: Network Ten.

Jay Bruno

Jay Bruno Survivor Australia
Source: Network Ten.

Alex Frost

Alex frost Survivor: Blood v Water
Source: Network Ten.

Kate Tathum

Kate Survivor Australia
Source: Network Ten.

Andy Meldrum

Andy survivor: blood v water
Source: Network Ten.

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