Modern Dating Australia is coming to a TV near you and unfortunately, it’s created by the same cursed producers as Married at First Sight Australia.

While we already know that a casting call is beckoning in brand-new talent for the series, it was actually vague AF as to what the series is actually about.

modern dating show
The producers behind Married at First Sight are currently casting for their new reality TV series, Modern DatingSource: Instagram @endemolshineau.

Luckily, one So Dramatic! fan has dropped some serious tea on the new show after getting a sneaky DM in her inbox from producers.

What Is the New Reality Show Modern Dating About?

As reported in episode 150 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one member of the Drama Army shared a grab she received from a producer at Endemol Shine.

“The premise [of the show] is the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern age using apps and stuff,” they said.

“They’re looking for a main cast of six guys and six girls, some non binary and LGBTQIA and they ask them what they’re looking for physically and emotionally in a partner.”

Once that is completed, they are then offered options on an iPad for you to pick from and the one you choose, you get to go on dates with them.

“Hopefully sparks fly and you love them and that’s the journey we follow,” they added. “If not, you can keep picking until you find the right match kinda thing.”

It’s more Love Island and The Bachelor than MAFS, thank god!

The producer also revealed that the premise is like a Tinder date. If it’s a bit sh*t, you just keep on swipin’!

When Will Modern Dating Be Filmed and What Other Info Do We Have?

As revealed in episode 154 of the So Dramatic! podcast, more intel was sent in by a source who was actually going through the casting process.

According to the So Dramatic! spy, filming will begin in May and go until June for about seven weeks.

“There will be 12 cast members in total – however, it is TBC if they live together or interact in any way, and that’s where they’ll get their conflict and tension from. “

Al and Samantha from Married at First Sight Australia.
Filming will go for seven weeks and let’s hope they find people like Al and Samantha from Married at First Sight Australia. Source: Nine.

The sources also said that production seemed “desperate” for people to audition.

“They have been cold-calling people who have applied for other reality shows before and asking them if they would be keen to apply. That’s how they found me,” they said.

“They asked me what I considered modern dating. What’s hard about it, what bad experiences that I’ve had, what’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on a first date, what I was looking for in a partner and if their career was an issue and physical traits.”

What Channel Will Modern Dating Be On?

Just like Married at First Sight Australia, Modern Dating will air on Channel 9 and the team are looking for people who “genuinely want to meet somebody and form a connection”.

Filming will take place in Sydney for eight weeks from May to June and cast members will be paid for their time with groceries taken care of.

Brooke blurton
Modern Dating seems like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette but with Tinder. Source: Ten.

TBH, this sounds like a Tinder-esque The Bachelor Australia! Let’s hope it’s worth investing our energy into.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 154 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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