Levi Neufeld, also known as Brent Vitiello‘s best man from Married at First Sight Australia 2022, has been spotted in music video from 2021.

Appearing alongside singer-songwriter Charley in her 2021 music video Hard for Me, Levi plays Charley’s love interest and let me tell you, he is looking mighty fine!

Levi appeared on MAFS as Brent Vitiello‘s friend and best man and became an instant hit with viewers. Source: Nine.

Since appearing on the show, Levi became an overnight sensation.

Apart from his good looks, the breakout star actually seemed to be grounded, emotionally intelligent, and a wholesome kind of guy – which on MAFS is a rarity.

And if you’re anything like us and can’t get enough of the Sydney-based DJ, it’s your lucky day because his cameo in the clip is not only priceless, but he’s also shirtless. GASP! Grab some water because this will leave you feeling THIRSTY!

Where Can We See More Of Levi Neufeld?

Levi is a triple threat.

He is a model (not hard to see why), a DJ and an actor!

He is also set to appear in an upcoming indie TV series called Casino Beach where he plays Paul. I already know what you’re thinking, Levi + Beach = Shirtless right? And you would be correct!

According to the Instagram page for Casino Beach, filming only started on Feburary 5th 2022 and because they are still in the middle of filming, there’s no word yet on when the pilot episode will be released.

Move over MAFS, this might become our new favourite show!

Is Levi Neufeld Single?

The most important question of all, is he single? Well unfortunately for all of us the answer appears to be *sigh* no.

From what we can tell from his Insta he has a girlfriend who is equally as beautiful as him, and is of course, also a model. Together they are just so genetically blessed – it hurts.

On the brightside, he has a whole portfolio on IMG Models, so that should keep us going for a while. Plus he has plenty of thirst traps and modelling shots on Insta for us to fawn over!

And no, we are not going to get over this!

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