Married at First Sight Australia bride Olivia Frazer has opened up about her weight loss on the premiere of the show’s 2022 season.

The newly indoctrinated MAFS bride shared her experience of having gastric band surgery at only 22 years old.

The 28-year-old student revealed that as a teenager she weighed around 95kg. She is now six years post-op, but admitted to sometimes still feeling like “that chubby little girl.”

Olivia Frazer opened up about her weight loss journey on last nights MAFS 2022 premiere. Source: Nine

In her MAFS monologue, Olivia admitted that her self-confidence had taken a hit due to her weight when she was young.

The nervous bride told the camera: “When I was a teenager I was about 95kg and I tried to be as confident as I possibly could on the surface. But deep down I knew everyone’s staring at the fat girl trying to fit into a skirt.”

Olivia added that her relationships had been influenced by her insecurities around her weight.

“I think my relationship with men and the way that I’ve allowed myself to be treated revolves around my weight and how that made me feel about myself,” Olivia said.

She continued: “I felt like I had to settle for whatever I could get and I did. I settled for whatever I thought I deserved which is awful because I definitely deserved a lot better.”

Olivia was clearly radiant both then and now, but we hope her time on MAFS helps boost her confidence.

We love Olivia already and producers better protect her or else WE WILL RIOT.

While little is known about Olivia, we have done some snooping (what we do best) and it turns out she has a close relative already in the reality realm!

At this point are there any MAFS contestants that aren’t a part of the reality TV web already?

Married at First Sight bride Olivia Frazer is the sister of Bondi Rescue‘s Tommy. Source: Network Ten

Liv’s brother is none other than former Bondi Rescue star Tommy Frazer.

The young lifeguard is pegged to be around 25-years-old these days and is proven hit on TikTok where he has amassed close to 30,000 followers who tune into his lifeguard and joker antics!

We wonder if he’ll take some time off from saving lives to attend his sister’s MAFS ‘wedding’?

Let’s hope her fresh groom Jackson Lonie gets the Bondi boy’s stamp of approval!

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