British adventure show The Bridge is coming to Australian screens this year, and they are currently on the hunt for participants.

The Bridge Australia will see 12 Aussies dumped in the Tasmanian wilderness and forced to build a 300 metre-long bridge in just 20 days! Which is literally taking the phrase ‘build a bridge and get over it’ to new heights.

The show is based on the format of Channel 4 and HBO’s series The Bridge, and if it’s anything like its British counterpart it is sure to be one hell of a watch.

The show is currently casting. So, if you’re into sliding around in the mud and completing gruelling challenges whilst slightly dehydrated, this could be the experience of a lifetime for you!

The Bridge HBO Max promotional poster
The UK adventure show The Bridge sees 12 contestants build a bridge in 20 days. Source: HBO Max

The Bridge Premise

The concept is seemingly straightforward. 12 total strangers are abandoned in the wilderness with some building supplies and a very limited supply of food.

They are informed they have 21 days to build a bridge (like, literally build a bridge!).

The contestants are given instructions, so rely solely on their shared determination and intelligence to complete the challenge.

The Bridge UK
Contestants on The Bridge are given no inventory nor instructions to build a 300m long bridge. Source: HBO Max

There is no host to guide them (only James McAvoy’s hilarious narration). So, naturally, they make A LOT of mistakes.

The producers also throw in some curveballs along the way just for some sh*ts and gigs. This includes making the bridge sink as the contestants are building it. Rough…

After a bridge has been built (and some most likely burnt), the contestants vote on who they believe most deserves the cash prize.

How is the Show Cast?

You’re probably thinking ‘why on earth would I want to watch 12 random people build a bridge for a month?’ Well, we are here to tell you, it’s for the same reason you watch a group of people sit around in a house on Big Brother – the cast.

Similar to other adventure shows such as SAS and I‘m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, The Bridge typically boasts a cast of big personalities and complex characters.

The Bridge contestants
The Bridge gives viewers insight into the fights and camaraderie between contestants. Source: HBO Max

Reality TV is not exactly famous for encouraging camaraderie between show contestants, especially when there are food shortages involved. Accordingly, some contestant *drama* is to be expected.

In the British version of the show, we saw everything from full-blown beef to wholesome heart-to-hearts between the players.

What We Know About The Bridge Australia So Far

Pulse Hobart announced via Facebook that The Bridge Australia is currently casting for its very first season. They are looking for Tasmanian’s over the age of 18 to take part.

Pulse Hobart announces The Bridge Australia
Pulse Hobart announced the arrival of the Australian version of The Bridge. Source: Facebook, Pulse Hobart

We still don’t know who the narrator will be (but we are secretly hoping we can pinch James McAvoy from the UK version).

The Aussie version of the show will be filmed in Tassie later this year. It is set to stream on Paramount+ in late 2022.

If you still aren’t sold, the show’s winner will take home a whopping $250,000 cash prize!

Sign up for The Bridge Australia here.

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