Could Love Island Australia‘s Noah Hura and influencer Mia Fevola be getting serious following their outing in Melbourne?

So Dramatic! previously reported that the pair were spotted getting verrrrry cosy at Chapel Street’s Morris Jones bar last weekend. We’re talking touchy-feely, hand on the leg, kissing on cheeky behaviour.

Now, a So Dramatic! super sleuth has slid into our DMs with a photo of the young couple on ANOTHER outing.

According to the source, the social media stars were papped by her mum over the same weekend.

“They saw them at a petrol station… on the way down to the coast!” she wrote. “My mum sent me that photo like two days ago.”

Could Love Island Australia's Noah Hura and influencer Mia Fevola be getting serious following their outing in Melbourne?
Noah Hura and Mia Fevola were spotted again at a Melbourne petrol station. Source: Supplied.

“She wasn’t sure who the girl was but I knew straight away.” JUICY!

We can only guess Noah and Mia were on their way to the Fevola’s holiday home which is on the Mornington Penninsula. (Also, why is he shirtless??)

Plus, we don’t know about you, but we don’t usually go to the servo (or their holiday house) with a casual bar hookup….

Love Island‘s Noah Hura and Influencer Mia Fevola Have Been Sighted Together Multiple Times

The sightings come just a couple of weeks following Noah’s break-up with his Love Island co-star Courtney Stubbs.

However, several members of the Drama Army have revealed they’ve seen Mia and Noah together on numerous occasions since the show wrapped up on November 24.

Could Love Island Australia's Noah Hura and influencer Mia Fevola be getting serious following their outing in Melbourne?
Noah Hura and Mia Fevola were seen getting cosy at Melbourne bar Morris Jones. Source: Supplied.

“He was with her like three weeks ago when I met him,” one fan of the series wrote on Facebook.

“At the Albion together too,” another said, while several others confirmed they’d also seen the pair at the South Melbourne bar.

Fans Thought Noah Hura Was Hooking Up With Co-Star Emily Ward

Despite the rise of #Moah (or is it #Nia?), Love Island fans had a bone to pick with Noah’s co-star Emily Ward earlier in December after she posted a video of them together in Melbourne.

Tensions hit an all-time high after Lexy Thornberry posted a since-deleted TikTok of Courtney reacting to a video of her villa bae Noah Hura at a bar with Emily in Melbourne.

The pair were reportedly spending time together at Two Wrongs on the night of the Love Island Australia finale.

Like wildfire, Lexy’s video spread to several Love Island fan pages.

In the “Love Island 2021″ Facebook group, one user said Emily “really is after everyone’s man”.

The 24-year-old quickly came to her own defence after being called out and asserted that people were only making assumptions.

emily ward lexy thornberry
Emily Ward (L) and Lexy Thornberry (R). Source: Nine.

What Did Emily Ward Say About Her Video With Noah Hura?

After being criticised, Emily revealed that she had deleted the video from her TikTok page.

“I deleted this vid coz people were tryna find drama in nothing [sic],” she wrote. “We had all met 10 mins prior to filming this TikTok and just wanted to hang out on finale night [sic].”

emily ward video
Emily maintained that the video was innocent. Source: Supplied.

The social media influencer said out of all the contestants, herself, Noah, Shayne Tino and Ben Giobbi are the only ones in Melbourne.

“We had a laugh making this til people started assuming stuff [sic].”

She then shared a screenshot from the comment section under Lexy’s video on TikTok, which showed Lexy defended the Love Island bomb.

lexy comment
Source: Supplied.

“Please don’t give hate to Emily,” she wrote, adding: “This isn’t aimed at her.”

Similarly, other users defended Emily, with one wondering: “Can’t they be mates jeez [sic].”

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