In the most random of news, Farmer Wants a Wife 2021’s Will Dwyer and Beauty and the Geek 2021’s Bryanna Reynolds used to date.

As reported in episode 119 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed that not only did they date, but they were dating at the same time he was with all the other women he was linked to.

Bryanna was dating the Longwood farmer when FWAW’s Hayley Love revealed he had gotten her pregnant.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2021's Will Dwyer and Beauty and the Geek 2021's Bryanna Reynold's had a brief fling.
Farmer Wants a Wife 2021’s Will Dwyer and Beauty and the Geek 2021’s Bryanna Reynold’s had a brief fling. Source: Channel 7

Bryanna Reynolds and Will Dwyer Dated

According to a source, Bryanna was originally cast on FWAW but then chose Beauty and the Geek instead…thank god!

“She then had a short fling with the farmer she was supposed to be paired on the show with,” the source revealed.

 “They were actually dating during and after the airing of the two shows — July and August — right up until it came out that he was having a baby with his co-star Hayley Love.

hayley love
Hayley Love fell pregnant with Will’s baby and announced it while Bryanna and Will were dating. Source: Instagram @hayleyjlove

Brynna ended it the week the article about Hayley came out. She dumped him and told him that he needed to sort his life out.” She’s not wrong!

His ability to time manage and juggle multiple women at once is honestly commendable!

Bryanna Reynolds CONFIRMS Her Relationship with Will Dwyer

Megan went straight to the source and asked if it was true and blow me down, she confirmed it!

We dated for a couple of weeks,” she said. “We first started chatting on Instagram. I had visited his farm in Longwood and spent a night there.

Things seemed to be going smoothly. He was super kind and caring and timid. He told me he was single.”

Bryanna was originally cast on FWAW but then chose Beauty and the Geek instead. Source: Channel 9.

Then, exactly as our source said, two days later, Bryanna read about Hayley coming forward with the pregnancy announcement.

“I asked him if it was true. He denied it. I told him it would be best if we didn’t tell anyone we were ever together. I had heard that people found out. So this is my side of the story.” Good grief!

Hayley Love Welcomes Her New Bundle Of Joy

In December, 25-year-old Hayley welcomed a daughter named Daisy.

Taking to Instagram, the former FWAW star announced to her 35,000 followers that her “little best friend” was born on December 7.

“DAISY 🌸,” she captioned the gorgeous post. “Born on 7th December 2021 at 10:03 pm weighing 3.6kgs. I can’t believe you are mine, my little best friend.”

Just two weeks prior to Daisy’s birth, Hayley shared a photo of her baby’s nursery and mused that it was “just missing one thing”.

While some are wondering whether the post was a subtle jab at the baby’s estranged father, it’s obvious she was referring to her impending arrival and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Who Else Has Will Dwyer Being Linked To?

Buckle in, kids. This is a long list.

On top of Hayley, Will has been linked to Jaimee (the winner from his season), Melissa, Brydie, Krissy and KJ from his season of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia.

From other seasons, he has been linked to former contestants Tara Hurl and Liz Jelley, as well as a number of women from the franchise.

Will wasn’t just linked to his winner, Jaimee (pictured) from his season of Farmer Wants a Wife! Source: Channel 7.

If you’re keen for the back story, make sure you check out episodes 94 and 95 of the So Dramatic! podcast.

But that’s not all, he has also been spotted on Hinge and was also spotted following Maddison from Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2020!

He even had to change his Instagram handle so he could go incognito with his super spreading – but the drama army doesn’t miss a beat! 

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 119 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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