Gabrielle Ebsworth claims Abbie Chatfield‘s public apology following backlash over her relationship announcement isn’t actually for Brooke Blurton.

On December 2, The Bachelor 2019 runner-up issued an apology to Brooke after she called Abbie out for displaying “narcissism” and “white privilege”.

The damning claims followed up Abbie’s decision to hard-launch her relationship with The Bachelorette 2021 third runner-up, Konrad Bien-Stephen, on the eve of the series finale.

However, despite fans backing Abbie’s decision to own her actions, Brooke’s bestie Gabrielle doesn’t buy it.

“The first thing that’s wrong with the apology is literally in the first sentence,” she told the So Dramatic! podcast. “It says, ‘Hi everyone’, which already says that this isn’t for Brooke.”

Gabrielle, a fellow First Nations woman, believes that Abbie addressing “everyone”, shows that the apology was a PR move to keep the public at bay.

“‘This is for the media and for my followers and for the people that keep my platform going’.”

Abbie Chatfield Failed To Apologise To Brooke Blurton Directly

Gabrielle also took issue with was the fact that the 26-year-old’s post was shared on a public platform, rather than privately with Brooke.

“It wasn’t even private, Brooke didn’t receive a message at all,” she confessed. She added that the apology was centred around Abbie and Konrad rather than the impact it had on the Bachelorette.

“It did never say, ‘Brooke’s obviously feeling hurt because of my actions. Or I made a mistake or I did this wrong’. The whole thing was just, ‘How do I fix this?’

“It’s just it was very disingenuous,” Gabrielle confessed. “The whole tone was off”.

The Indigenous rights advocate also referred to activist Tarang Chawla, who has previously posted about “the classic influencer apology”.

“It’s always like deflect blame, make yourself feel vulnerable so that your audience doesn’t want to come down your throat,” Gabrielle recalled. Coincidentally, Tarang discussed the workings of influencer apologies on an episode of Abbie’s podcast earlier in the year.

She continued: “It’s all about putting you in a position where you’re not going to be painted as the bad guy in this scenario. And that’s what I felt was happening.”

Gabriella also thinks that Abbie’s public apology, in contrast to a private one, “really goes to show that this… wasn’t intended [for] Brooke or [the] First Nations Community.”

Abbie Chatfield Hasn’t Taken Brooke Blurton’s Calls

While acknowledging the “great” first step in apologising, Bachelor alum Alisha Aitken-Radburn insinuated that Abbie wasn’t taking Brooke’s calls.

“This is great, hope you take her call now and have the conversation,” Alisha said.

Speaking to this on the podcast, Gabrielle said Brooke messaged Abbie following the Byron Bay incident. Apparently, Abbie was busy at the time but insinuated she would give her a call to chat. However, the call never came.

“I think there was the intent to call her back after that,” Gabrielle said. “The call didn’t happen.”

“Brooke had tried calling Abbie a couple of times as well… with no response.”

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