Love Island‘s Ben Giobbi has confessed that producers photoshopped his abs while he was appearing on the hit dating series.

Though his time as an Islander was short, there is no chance his washboard abs went unchecked.

In an Instagram Q&A on Wednesday, someone asked the Melburnian whether his muscles were “edited on” for the show.

Laughing, the 25-year-old told his followers that producers actually REDUCED the number of abs he has post-production!

“Yeah, they did, they took two packs off,” he replied, appearing amused by the faux pas.

Did The Love Island Team Actually Photoshop Ben Giobbi’s Abs?

Naturally, we take photoshopping claims very seriously. Especially if it means we’ve been deprived of full rig potential!

As you can see above, the promo snaps of Ben tease that he’s got a bit of a four-pack going on.

However, photos that were taken during the show on the Islanders’ phones show that he’s much more buff than what was originally advertised!

Based on the “legit” pics, it does look like Benny’s body was given the once-over with some photoshop!

Ben Giobbi’s Online Flirt-Fest With Lexy Thornberry

During the same Q&A, Benny was asked whether he keeps in touch with fellow Islander Lexy Thornberry.

While the pair were pursuing each other romantically in the villa after Ben arrived in Casa Amor, things became a lil’ tense once Lexy slammed the breaks on.

When asked by 9Entertainment if he’d be keen on continuing things with the bombshell after the show, he wasn’t keen on it, to say the least.

“No, I wouldn’t think so. We left it on a pretty sour note,” he said. “I won’t be waiting for her on the outside, put it that way,” he said. But alas, here we are, documenting their very public flirt-fest some two weeks after the show wrapped up.

Love Island Australia's Lexy Thornberry and Ben Giobbi could be the next contestants to recouple IRL following some flirty banter online.

“Funnily enough, Lexy actually slid into my DMs first,” he revealed. “There’s been a little bit of contact there but nothing major.”

He then teased that he’ll “probably catch up” with her when he travels to her native Gold Coast.

Lexy Thornberry Hits Back At Ben Giobbi

In a bid to set the record straight, Lexy came to the party with said DM, sharing her initial message with her followers.

As it turns out, it’s not as scandalous as Ben let on! The message simply read: “What brand were your sunnies?” Hardly tantalising stuff if you ask us!

“The truth is out,” she joked alongside her screenshot and a sticker that read “fake news”.

“Yep, just hitting on Ben… hardcore. Some hardcore flirting. Yep! You caught me.” LOL!

The 20-year-old then shared another message, although this time, it was a thirsty DM from Ben from earlier that day!

Replying to a clip of Lexy all glammed up, the Melburnian wrote told her to “Stop looking so good then”.

Underneath the screenshot, Lexy warned: “I can play this game all day Benjamin.”

What Was Ben Giobbi’s Response To Lexy Thornberry Sharing His Message?

The pair then had a little bit of repartee, which ended with Ben sharing ANOTHER screenshot where he described the moment a “girl at a bar” told him he was “the ugliest guy in the villa”.

Sympathising, Lexy wrote back that “people forget [they] have feelings… just because [they] were on TV”.

She then went on to say the claims were “fake news”.

Love Island Australia's Lexy Thornberry and Ben Giobbi could be the next contestants to recouple IRL following some flirty banter online.

“You are not ugly… At all…” the ex-Islander penned.

Drawing their banter to a close, Benny called a truce on his Instagram story. Now, we sit back and wait to see if anything serious comes to fruition with these two!

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