As if The Bachelorette Australia’s Brooke Blurton hasn’t had enough to deal with following the Abbie Chatfield saga of 2021, Bill Goldsmith has attacked our Kween with a series of voice memos.

As reported in episode 127 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Brooke was ambushed on the eve of her finale with conspiracy theories trying to promote misinformation about the coronavirus and the Northern Territory.

On Wednesday, Bill tagged Brooke in a post where he accused her of being silent about the NT government’s response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

What Is Going on In the Northern Territory?

In a nutshell, there has been a lot of misinformation spreading on social media about the COVID outbreak in the NT.

Conspiracy theorists (including Bill) have been falsely claiming that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been forcing Aboriginal people to get the vaccine.

In fact, some COVID deniers have even tried to compare transfers to the Howard Springs facility to the Stolen Generation.

While there has been some legitimate criticism of the NT government’s response to the outbreak, there has also been a great deal of misinformation circulating online.

Bill uses his social media to spread misinformation about COVID-19. Source: Instagram.
Bill uses his social media to spread misinformation about COVID-19. Source: Instagram.

What Did Bill Goldsmith’s Initial Post Say?

Bill took to his Instagram stories saying: “This shit happened 60 years ago and it’s happening again and the silence from people is deafening. Where you at @brooke_blurton and @cathfreeman?”

The former reality star called out Brooke — a Noongar Yamatji woman — and Olympian Cathy Freeman — a Burri Gubba woman — to speak up on the issue, tagging them in a post that was spreading misinformation.

Bill also tagged Olympian Cathy Freeman in his scathing post. Source: Instagram

What Was Brooke Blurton’s Response to Bill Goldsmith?

Brooke then replied via DM, which Bill then shared to his stories.

“Mate I’m not sure if you should be posting this,” she said.

“I’d really consider taking it down before you get backlash from Aboriginal communities. I see your point about the NT outbreak. Though considering you’re anti-vax.

“We encourage everyone to get vaccinated to avoid deaths in communities. A lot of people in communities already suffer huge health problems. We want them protected against COVID 19.”

Bill then told Brooke to promote the issues, rather than “some flop of a show”.

“How I use my platform is how I choose to do so,” Brooke responded. “If you’re pro-choice then you should be across that. Don’t come at me when you know little to nothing about Aboriginal culture and think to tag me in your bullsh*t attempt at to be “woke” knowing and tagging only 2 blak women? [sic]”

The reality star then reiterated that she had a “considerate” approach to ask him to remove the post, however, Bill responded with “the silence is deafening.”

Bill continued to message Brooke before she chose to block him.

Brooke blocked Bill after he wouldn’t listen to her side of the story. Source: Instagram.

What Did Bill Do after Brooke Blocked Him?

Bill then messaged Brooke’s best friend Gabrielle Ebsworth (who was meant to appear during The Bachelorette Australia finale), who responded by saying she was a healthcare worker “trying to protect our community”.

gabrielle ebsworth
Bill then contacted Gabrielle Ebsworth, Brooke’s best friend. Source: Instagram.

“What are you doing — other than spreading misinformation on social media?”

He then said he was “using my head” and “critically thinking” and said that “you just piss in the pockets of the pharmaceuticals”.

Gabrielle Ebsworth also confronted Bill about his misinformation. Source: Instagram.

The Bachelor in Paradise Australia star then sent a string of abusive voice memos to both Gabrielle and Brooke, which you can hear here.

Bill then uploaded another story saying: “I can’t tag her but Brooke has since blocked me for calling her out about being silent about what’s going on in the NT.”

The woman would rather post sh*t promoting that rubbish flop of a TV show she is on rather than address what’s happening to her people. The silence is deafening.”

brooke blurton darvid garayeli
Brooke chose to promote The Bachelorette Australia 2021 since it was her current project. Source: Network Ten.

It’s interesting to note that Bill has wiped his socials clean of anything to do with The Bachelor franchise.

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