We love watching our queen Brooke Blurton on her journey to find The One on The Bachelorette Australia 2021. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for watching the drawn-out rose ceremonies at the end of every episode.

Kudos to the producers who turn a five-minute convo into a 20-minute uphill battle, while a very serious overture plays out as our Bachelorette appears to contemplate who she should send home.

Brooke Blurton must make a decision on who won't receive a rose on The Bachelorette Australia. Source: Network Ten.
Brooke Blurton must make a decision on who won’t receive a rose on The Bachelorette Australia. Source: Network Ten.

To win, some will have to lose (a rose, their dignity, and whatever else it cost them to appear on a dying dating franchise!).

Enter Osher and his sombre Batman voice to inform the eliminated contestants that yes, they did not receive a rose

Hit play on a couple of short-lived goodbyes and poof! Never to be thought of again until a cheating scandal or hidden girlfriend-slash-boyfriend rises from the ashes.

Keep scrolling to find out which suitors Brooke Blurton sent home The Bachelorette Australia 2021!

Konrad Bien-Stephens

Amelia “Millie” Rubio

Kurt Herzog

Luca Fraraccio

Will Sadler

Ryan Carmichael

ryan carmichael bachelorette

Jessica DeBono

Carissa Croft

carissa the bachelorette

Bec Pressing

Matt Pottier

Jess Franklin

Emily Bebbington

Ritu Chhina

Ritu The Bachelorette

Beau Tauwhara

Beau Tauwhara The Bachelorette Australia 2021


johann the bachelorette australia 2021

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