Konrad Bien-Stephens sadly did not receive a rose from Brooke Blurton during Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia.

However, let’s be honest, none of us were exactly shocked he was sent packing from the mansion after his recent PDA make-out session with The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield that sent fans into a tailspin last week.

Now, Konrad has officially confirmed their romance (and the worst kept secret in the Bachelor nation) – and it seems like it’s much more serious than just a drunken pash at the pub.

“Obviously it has been a bit of time since production ended with Brooke,” Konrad told 10play after the episode aired last night. “We didn’t work out but I really like Abbie. She’s an awesome girl and I’m excited for what the future holds.

“I’m sort of head over heels for Abbie at the minute. It’s very early days but it’s a legitimate thing. I mean, everything happens for a reason so maybe this is what was meant to be.”

The Daily Mail reported this week that production had been ‘livid’ with Konrad after the photos were circulated and he was going to be losing his $5,000 bonus. However, Konrad said this is completely untrue.

“Obviously what I did was a silly thing but no one has ‘come down hard’ on me, they’re all beautiful people. I haven’t got a bad word to say about production so I don’t know where that’s come from,” he admitted.

What Has Abbie Chatfield Said About Konrad?

Despite Konrad publicly declaring his love for Abbie, she has kept mum on their romance. In fact, she actually denied even knowing who Konrad was.

On one of Abbie’s recent Instagram posts, a nosy follower asked the podcast host to give up details on the pash.

“Bestie you better spill the tea on Konrad,” they commented with a teacup emoji.

“I don’t know who that is. Sorry to this man,” Abbie responded.

Ummm, rude!!!

So Dramatic! has also received word that producers are hoping to get Konrad to sign up to be The Bachelor for 2022, so, if things don’t work out with Abbie, at least he’s got a Plan B!

Bachelor alum Abbie Chatfield has finally broken her silence on her saucy kiss with current Bachelorette fave Konrad Bien-Stephens.
Abbie has kept mum on her relationship with Konrad from The Bachelorette Australia 2021. Source: Ten.

Brooke Blurton’s Response To Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens’ Kiss

Considering Brooke and Abbie are friends IRL, it’s not surprising to learn that our Bachelorette isn’t happy about the steamy PDA.

As reported in episode 121 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a close friend of Brooke’s revealed she is “really upset”.

“She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had no idea they even knew each other!”

The Bachelorette's Konrad Bien-Stephens has confirmed his romance with The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield after being evicted by Brooke Blurton.
Brooke Blurton was “really upset” after seeing her bestie Abbie hook up with Konrad whilst he was still on The Bachelorette.
Source: Instagram

According to our source, Brooke is angry because she recently spoke about how spoilers were to blame for the show’s low ratings.

“And now Abbie has gone and done this to her. She’s pissed!” OUCH!

Former Bachelorette Australia 2019 star, Angie Kent’s Response

Brooke is not the only Bachelorette star to take issue with Abbie and Konrad’s PDA!

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent also expressed her thoughts about Abbie and Konrad giving zero f*cks about ruining the show.

In a recap for Yahoo, Angie said the saddest thing about the whole ordeal is the fact that we know Konrad won’t be the one at the end with Brooke.

“I mean I get it, we all need to eat,” she wrote. “But I guess I am a little more salty than the average punter because I know how much goes into this love safari experience.”

“You just want everyone involved to do their part and you know, perhaps not give away the ending at all.

“Like, is it that hard to make out behind closed doors these days when you’re both hot property in the TV world at the moment? So, now when I watch Konrad with a K, all I see is him getting up close and personal with someone who isn’t Brooke.

“Now we know he isn’t the one at the end, can we perhaps replace his airtime with people who we don’t know won’t be the last man or lady standing?”

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent said she was "salty" to see Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens give away the ending of The Bachelorette.
Former Bachelorette Angie Kent said she was “salty” to see Abbie and Konrad spoil The Bachelorette.
Source: Ten.

Angie then said they just went and “threw a spanner right into this investment” i.e. our time and love for the show.

“I have thrown my toys out of the pram on this topic and I will move on from. End of rant.”

She’s not wrong!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 121 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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