Love Island Australia fans are left wondering how far in advance the show is filmed after current contestants were spotted back in their hometowns.

Traditionally, episodes are filmed a day ahead of when they go to air. But several So Dramatic! sleuths have reported that current Islanders have been spotted outside of the villa for days. DAYS!!!

Love Island Australia fans are left wondering how far in advance the show is filmed after current contestants were spotted back in their hometowns.
Fans are wondering how far in advance Love Island Australia is filmed. Source: Nine.

Despite only being booted from Love Island on Tuesday night, Ryan Reid has reportedly been home for weeks!

“Ryan has been home for two weeks,” one source revealed. “My friend’s boss is good friends with him.”

Similarly, another sleuth said her brother “served Aaron [Waters] at his work on the Central Coast”.

“Wondering if he is back here with Ryan?”

Even everyone’s favourite “naughty boy”, Taku Chimawaza, was spotted as active on Facebook on Tuesday. Not only that, but he was previously out on the town having a boogie!

What Is The Love Island Timeline?

In episode 106 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed that the show would be “drastically shortened from 60 days to 30 days” after a COVID-19 outbreak in the Byron Bay area.

According to our source, a loophole was found that allowed ITV to continue filming “as long as it is completed within the 30 day window”.

Love Island Australia officially began airing on October 11. If this loophole is accurate, the hit dating show would have wrapped up filming by November 10 at the latest. However, they appear to have stretched out four weeks of filming into 6 weeks of air time. Sneaky, sneaky!

Love Island Australia 2021 was “drastically shortened from 30 days to 60 days”. Source: Nine.

So, if our calculations are correct, the Islanders have been out in the wild for about a week. OMG!

One fan of the show wrote on Facebook that they end the episodes on cliffhangers “much more than usual”.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve done that to make up for the shorter filming,” they penned. “I reckon they’ve gone from two days behind to around one week.”

There Has Been No Live Voting On Love Island Australia 2021

Another indicator that Love Island is filmed days in advance is the fact that there hasn’t been any live voting.

In the past, viewers were able to vote for their favourite couples in order to save them from elimination the next day, but this isn’t a luxury we’ve been afforded this time around.

Voters could only “influence what happens to the Islanders”. Source: Nine.

On more than one occasion this season, contestants have been given the impossible task of deciding amongst themselves who should be sent home.

As for audience participation, the show has only asked fans to “vote on what [they] think should happen in the villa” to “influence what happens to the Islanders”.

The Love Island Australia 2021 Finale Is Yet To Be Filmed

One contestant revealed to So Dramatic! that this year’s Love Island Australia finale is yet to be filmed.

When asked if the series has been filmed in advance, they confessed production wrapped up “last week but not the final [episode]”. Interesting!

While there’s been no indication as to how the finale will work, this intel suggests that the Islanders could return for a live finale that incorporates fans voting for their favourite couple to win.

At the time of writing, there are still six couples and two single gals in the villa.

Bring on finale week!

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