Imogen Anthony might be famous for dating radio’s most controversial host Kyle Sandilands, but where did the Big Brother VIP Australia contestant get her start?

The 30-year-old Sydneysider first rose to prominence as a model in her late teens, but Imogen’s road to stardom certainly hasn’t been an easy one.

Imogen Anthony may have been Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend, but there's much more to the Big Brother VIP Australia star than her relationships.
Imogen Anthony may have been Kyle Sandilands’ girlfriend, but there’s much more to the Big Brother VIP Australia star than her high-profile relationship. Source: Channel 7.

**Content Warning: This article discusses eating disorders, body dysmorphia, self-harm and mental illness, and could be distressing to some readers.

Imogen Anthony Gets Candid About Her History of Being Bullied

In 2019, Imogen bared all in an Instagram post discussing the bullying she experienced during high school.

With two lengthy posts detailing the abuse, Imogen described her battle with depression and anxiety.

“I grew up with zero self-confidence and was far from ‘skinny’,” she recounted. “Some days I literally had no one to sit with or even talk to.

She then recalled the moment during Year 7 that triggered her terrifying bout of body dysmorphia.

“[A classmate] teased me in front of everyone, saying that I ‘had a gut’ after I finally got to wear that Jay Jay’s denim pleated skirt I wanted sooo badly on a [free dress] day.”

Imogen then noted that she “wasn’t even aware of body issues until that exact moment.”

The starlet also discussed turning to self-harm and binge-eating as a way to curb her dark thoughts before dropping out of school in Year 11 to pursue her career.

“I hated myself for a while there,” the Big Brother VIP contestant confessed. She added that she used modelling as a “mask” as an attempt to “beat whatever anxieties [she] had”.

Imogen Anthony’s Sand Bikini

In perhaps one of her most memorable moments, Imogen strutted her stuff in a bikini made of sand in 2014.

Baring all at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week, the then-23-year-old appeared in the Bondi Bather swimwear show in the unique outfit… We don’t even want to imagine the chafing!

Imogen Anthony may have been Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend, but there's much more to the Big Brother VIP Australia star than her relationships.
Imogen Anthony is remembered for her sand bikini at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week in 2014. Source: Instagram @imogen_anthony.

Imogen described the moment as “f*cking liberating”.

Taking to Instagram at the time, the model wrote that the “authentic Bondi Beach sand ‘kini” was “one in a million”.

“For the record, there is something f*cking liberating about walking down a runway naked,” she expressed to her followers.

Imogen Anthony’s Fashion Line, White Trash Royalty

After being dubbed a “White Trash fashionista” by The Daily Telegraph, Imogen owned the title by naming her fashion line White Trash Royalty.

Imogen, who is highly regarded for her outlandish and risqué looks, launched the line in 2015.

Imogen Anthony may have been Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend, but there's much more to the Big Brother VIP Australia star than her relationships.
Imogen launched her fashion line White Trash Royalty in 2015. Source: Instagram @imogen_anthony.

“In 2015 I’m finding women are becoming more confident, and along with that comes their fashion choice,” she mused at the time.

“I would really like to see women experimenting with their confidence wearing my clothes.”

Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands’ Rocky Relationship

After meeting at his 40th birthday party in 2011, Imogen and Kyle struck up a fast romance despite the 19-year age gap between them.

“If anything happened to her, I could never be with anyone else,” Kyle told WHO magazine in 2013.

Yet despite their unyielding connection, over the years friends have expressed details about the imperfections of the pair’s relationship.

In 2017 nightclub owner John Ibrahim — who also lived opposite Kyle and Imogen in Dover Heights — recalled a dramatic fight had by the couple.

He described the moment Imogen leaped onto Kyle’s car “like a cat” to prevent the radio star from leaving.

“I hear the garage door opening and I see Kyle reversing his big ass Bentley out the driveway,” he said. “All of a sudden you see Imogen jump on the bonnet, like you would a cat, with Ugg boots on and a singlet.

“Imogen was screaming, ‘Where you going, you fat C-word?'”

Not long before their split, the unlikely pair purchased a $3 million hobby farm in the NSW Highlands, where they attempted to stay out of the limelight.

Why Did Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands Break Up?

After eight years together, Kyle took to his KIIS FM radio show to address rumours of his split from Imogen in 2019.

“We haven’t been with each other for quite a few months now,” the 50-year-old said. “Unfortunately, it’s run its course. That’s just the way it is.”

At the time, Imogen told her followers that she and Kyle “still love each other very much” and speak “every day”.

Yet despite maintaining they were on good terms, the model also made claims about a toxic relationship.

“I know about gaslighting,” she wrote. “I’ve also never been the greatest judge when it comes to the quality of a man, have I? So we will let that one go.”

Is Imogen Anthony Currently Dating Anyone?

As the prolific era of “soft launching” reaches new heights, Imogen has teased snaps of a new beau in her life.

Before the premiere of Big Brother VIP Australia, the model posted a number of cryptic snaps featuring a shaggy-haired “viking.”

“Thank you for reminding me what it feels to be alive again, as it’s wild, just like you,” she penned alongside one of the happy snaps.

Will this mystery beau be mentioned during her Big Brother stint? We guess we’ll just have to watch to find out!

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