ICYMI, the historical The Bachelorette Australia 2021 kicked off last night and we’re already thirsty for more of Brooke Blurton‘s love story!

Brooke Blurton's love story is off to a cracking start on The Bachelorette Australia 2021. Source: Network Ten.
Brooke Blurton’s love story is off to a cracking start on The Bachelorette Australia 2021. Source: Network Ten.

As is customary for a new Bachie season, fans were out in full force with their live-tweeting. And let us tell you — they did not hold back one bit!

As far as chemistry goes, the mansion was getting HOT. There were sparks between Brooke and Konrad With A K (after they built a loveseat together), while Jamie-Lee‘s surprise arrival left our Bachie shook.

It’s too early to put our money on who Brooke will choose at the end, however, there are enough qUiRkY characters to know who she won’t end up with!

Strap in while we revisit The Bachelorette Australia‘s messy premiere with all the BEST tweets.

We Stan The Representation

From a Welcome to Country to women (!!) meeting Brooke on the red carpet, representation was rife from the get-go.

Brooke and Jamie-Lee shared the first queer pash of the season! As expected, people lost their absolute sh*t over the groundbreaking moment.

What Did Fans Think Of The Contestants?

The ladies vying for Brooke’s heart already have us questioning why there are even men in the running in the first place! They took charge, leaving the dudes in the dust wondering WTF was going on.

Even Osher Günsberg thought the ladies were superior!

Darvid is KING

If there is one man we have high hopes for this season, it’s Darvid. The ‘Persian Prince’ is hot, gentle, and didn’t act like a douchebag, which makes him the best of the bunch. He is living proof that the bar of expectations really is on the floor.

The Love Seat Scandal

It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without a scandal kicking off on night one, so may we introduce to you: #LoveSeatGate.

Fans were left reeling after Jess made a beeline for the seat Konrad With A K built. Fully aware of what she was doing, she nestled in on it for a chat with Brooke before the carpenter got a chance!

Nobody Likes Beau

“Edgy” Instagram photographer Beau Tauwhara made an impression for all the wrong reasons. For starters, he was a grown man saying “BB” and “cute AF”… unironically.

Oh, and then he made out like “his team” (the dudes) “won”, because Darvid received the First Impression Rose.

Beau? More like, No.

Who Didn’t Receive A Rose?

At the end of the episode, we said so long to a guy in a pink suit.

We think his name was Johann. It was a J name, so bullet dodged nonetheless.

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