In September, former Bachelor Nick Cummins partially redeemed himself for that sh*tty 2018 finale by announcing to the world that he saved a sheep.

ICYMI, Nick (AKA the Honey Badger) rescued a sheep trapped in a wire fence, then shared a clip of the heroic rescue to Instagram.

He also made a joke about New Zealanders being alleged sheep-shaggers by captioning the post, “In NZ this would have gone down very differently.” Big yikes.

Of course, people were quick to commend the Honey Badger for his quick thinking in saving the trapped animal, but one So Dramatic! sleuth raised awareness to an intriguing comment left by a suspicious farmer.

The user (who appears to be named Roy) alleges that Nick scared the sheep into the fence so he could rescue it for Insta content! Talk about doing it for the ‘gram!

The Sheep-Scaring Conspiracy Theory!

“I just watched you scare a shedding sheep into a ringlock fence. Then rescue it?” Roy wrote, adding that Nick could have even released the sheep into a “paddock that may not have been its home”.

According to Roy, that’s the “perfect way to spread lice” between sheep!

Who would’ve thought someone rescuing a sheep would cause such controversy?!

The self-described “56 [year-old] sheep farmer’s son” also made it clear he’s not trying to troll the SAS Australia 2020 recruit, only that he was trying to understand what Nick’s mission was.

“Anyway I’m not a troll or a dick, but I’ve got no real idea what or why you did that and/or posted it?!” Roy queried. “I look forward to you [clarifying].”

Roy also seemed to be very upset that Nick misgendered the sheep, noting that he called “the sheep a ‘he'” when it “was obviously a ‘she’.” We hope for Roy’s sake that the Honey Badger has issued him an apology for this unforgivable mistake.

As discussed on episode 108 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, the sleuth suggested that the Honey Badger fabricated the rescue to “aid his Aussie hero image”.

“If… Nick scared it into the fence then rescued it… He’s not really a hero like he’s making out,” they said.

“I doubt he would admit to it if it was a set-up.” And our sleuth is correct! At the time of publication, Nick has not commented on the true nature of the video, nor has he publicly responded to our pal Roy.

We hope he eventually gets the answers he’s been looking for!

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