So far, The Masked Singer Australia 2021 fans have been able to narrow down clues to each particular star, but we’re still stumped on one mystery performer: Who is Mullet?

After several fishy performances of tunes such as Sexyback and Cake By The Ocean, we still can’t put our finger on who the gravelly-voiced star is, even after his head fell off on night one!

The vague clues have left us all scratching our heads — we can’t figure out if it’s a movie legend or athlete that’s repping the famous curly hairdo!

Who Do Viewers Think Mullet Is?

Straight off the bat, Chrissie Swan took a stab at guessing the masked performer on her radio show, Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

“The Mullet mask is in it and we’ve already guessed,” she teased before spilling, “It’s Dylan Lewis!”

To recap, Dylan Lewis is a musician, as well as an Aussie TV and radio host. He also won the inaugural Celebrity Big Brother way back in 2002, so if he is Mullet, it won’t be his first reality TV stint!

Still, fans aren’t convinced it’s the former host of ABC’s Recovery that’s hiding under the fishy mask.

Lots of viewers are claiming that infamous stage and TV actor Craig McLachlan is Mullet, and all we have to say about that is we bloody hope not.

To date, we think the strongest theory is that tennis legend Pat Cash is hiding underneath the mask, with many clues lining up with his celebrated career.

What Do The Clues Say?

A clue in itself, Pat famously repped a mullet at the height of his career, hence his singing alter-ego being named after the 80s hairstyle.

In one of Mullet’s first clue packages on The Masked Singer Australia, viewers spotted framed photos of actresses Geena Davis and Bette Davis. We think this was a nod to Pat’s two Davis Cup wins in 1983 and 1986.

Mullet also revealed: “No matter how far you travel, you can’t leave the real you behind. I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve even taken on the Chinese!”

Could this be alluding to the esteemed tennis star’s position as coach to China’s number one player Qiang Wang? It certainly seems likely!

Another big clue is the name badge Mullet wore when he was first introduced to us: “Hello I’m Junior Mullet”.

In 1981, Pat rose to fame as a tennis player when he was ranked the number one junior player worldwide.

Who Have The Judges Predicted?

In a rare feat, The Masked Singer judging panel has actually picked up on the Pat Cash allusions in the clues, which indicates that they’re on the right track with their guesses.

They’ve also kept on the theme of sports stars by predicting that Nick Cummins, Conor McGregor, Mick Fanning and Shane Warne could be under the mask!

Here’s who else the judges have guessed:

  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Russell Crowe
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • David Wenham
  • Eric Bana
  • Ronny Chieng
  • Axle Whithead

Considering a few clues mentioned being in the spotlight, it’s no surprise that the judges have also suggested that a movie star could be Mullet!

Will Mullet reel in The Masked Singer Australia 2021 win? Find out on Sunday through Tuesday nights at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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