Sunday and Monday nights are reserved for one thing and one thing only. Watching celebrities sing in outrageous costumes and reveal themselves after judges yell, “Take it off! Take it off!” on The Masked Singer Australia 2021!

Now in its third season, we’ve seen celebrities such as Bonnie Anderson, Cody Simpson, Sophie Monk, Rob “Millsy” Mills and even Macy Gray take to the stage, unbeknownst to judges Dave “Hughesy” Hughes, Dannii Minogue, Urzila Carlson and KIISFM’s Jackie O Henderson.

But it was a certain guest during week three of the hit series, that had the judging panel positively flummoxed — or so they say!

In a Paramount+ and Network Ten crossover that nobody asked for, there was a bonus celebrity hidden in Rubble from Paw Patrol.

And while fans at home picked the voice straight away, in the studio the cast put their best acting hats on. Because it turned out, that Rubble, was Jackie’s radio husband of 20 years, Kyle Sandilands.

It was actually such a fun reveal regardless of the fake a*s look on Jackie’s face, however, we digress, because the best thing to come from the show was Jackie and Kyle’s Masked Singer debrief the following day.

On their KIISFM radio show, the hosts spilled all the behind-the-scenes goss they were allowed could muster and we’ve compiled all the juiciest bits in one place for you.

You might want to take a seat before reading on because some of these secrets had us shook!

The Celebrities on the Masked Singer Have Security Detail and Are Covered In Cloaks!

According to Kyle, each performer gets a security detail plus CEO of King Kyle Holdings and his manager, Bruno Bouchet, was on hand to help him out.

“They come in different cars,” the radio host said, before saying that he had to wear cloaks and sheets so no-one could see him.

Kyle Sandilands behind-the-scenes of The Masked Singer Australia 2021.
Bruno Bouchet, Kyle Sandiland’s manager, shared BTS pics from The Masked Singer Australia from inside their car.
Source: Instagram @brunobbouchet

Where do the Masked Singer Australia Celebrities Hide Out?

“I was driven into that warehouse,” Kyle revealed. “We went through a lot of tunnels made out of black curtains.

“[We] saw no-one and then put into some demountable dressing room. That had the big screen TV, a sh*t load of lollies, so much Coca-cola, chips and things. It had it’s own crapper and a shower in there.”

The Masked Singer Australia Panel Get the Clues Beforehand!

“When we have the usual masks, we watch the clue package but obviously before, we are given a couple of clues so that we can get some thought-starters going,” Jackie admitted. “That’s obvious when you watch because we’re obviously very knowledgeable about these people.”

However, Kyle swears blind that he didn’t get to see or hear any of his clues!

Sunday and Monday nights are reserved for watching celebrities sing in outrageous masks on The Masked Singer Australia!
The Masked Singer Australia judges Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson are given clues beforehand for “thought-starters”. Source: Network Ten.

Someone Else Voices the Clue Package!

This is one we had no idea about! The celebrities do not voice their own clue packages.

Even though a voice distortion is put over dialogue, it’s still an actor or as Kyle said, a cameraman! Mind-blown!

There’s a Vocal Coach!

Celebrities choose their songs while vocal coach, Gary Pinto, has the ultimate say in what ends up getting sung.

Gary works with the masked singers before they go on stage.

Mind officially blown!

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