If there’s one thing we love here at So Dramatic! it’s a rogue The Bachelor Australia contestant.

Quirky speech pathologist, Laura O’Loughlin, from Jimmy Nicholson’s 2021 season, is the first cast member to take her $5000 hush money and run to the nearest media outlet. Us.

You may remember the Italian beauty from being the only girl in Le Chateau, to not get a single kiss on a single date. It was awkward AF and made Laura look, well, a little bit sh*t.

During episode 105 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, Laura revealed that the producers were “plotting all the drama”.

Even though this is not brand new information, it was how intricately they are involved which had us shook.

Jimmy Nicholson and Laura O'Laughlin on the set of The Bachelor Australia 2021, during their single date.
Jimmy Nicholson and Laura O’Laughlin on the set of The Bachelor Australia 2021, during their single date. Source: Network 10.

According to the 28-year-old, she and Steph Lynch were having a tea right next to the producers room one day, and could hear everything they were saying, including who to send home next!!

“it’s kind of like a car crash and you can’t look away, except this car crash involves you!” Laura admitted, before adding that she “definitely heard something to the effect of like, ‘oh, wouldn’t it be funny if we should put them in the limo home together.”

At the time, Laura had been unable to identify who they were talking about.

“And I’m like, who is going home? Because apparently they already know.”

steph lynch
Steph Lynch on the way out of Le Chateau! Source: Network 10.

The reality star also revealed that the producers, who were meant to be people they trusted, also fabricated the drama surrounding Jay Lal’s “famous ex” and not being in the show for the “right reasons”.

“They were also plotting all the drama,” Laura said. “Things like with Jay and the rumours. Like, who can we get to confront her about this?”

“Apparently, they even planned who was going to sit with who at the cocktail parties. Like, make sure she’s sitting with her because, we want her to confront her. Just sh*t like that.”

“It was so much worse than I imagined it would be,” she said.

For the full chat, listen to episode 105 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast.

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