By now you’ve already heard that Hayley Leake has become the Sole Survivor on Survivor Australia: Brain vs Brawn 2021.

And while we absolutely were #TeamGeorge (sorry, Hayley), we’re still so freaking happy that a bad-ass woman won the series!

If you’re on a high from the finale, we’re about to bring you some news that may catapult you down to earth in the form of some spicy BTS intel from a So Dramatic! fan!

As reported in episode 101 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, the source who lives in Cloncurry where Survivor Australia was filmed, revealed that the cast didn’t always spend their nights outdoors at camp!! WHAT?!

“I live in Cloncurry where Survivor was filmed and contestants for a period of time were staying at the Leichhardt Hotel,” they said. “Locals talk about it all the time.” OMG.

Is this even real?! Source: Network Ten.

According to the source, it was because of the “poisonous snakes in area who’s bite can be fatal”.

Previous seasons of the series saw filming in locations where animals that are less life threatening called home and with Australia having some of the most lethal animals in world, it makes sense to lessen the risk by having contestant stay somewhere safe during the nights. 

To make this even a BIGGER bombshell, the rumour mill in Cloncurry was in overdrive saying that contestants still in the game stayed in the hotel and the dining room was closed to the public and only providing takeaway so that the cast could eat meals in the unused setting.

Obviously, no one is going to admit this considering their strict contracts swear them to secrecy but it is good food for thought!

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