Everyone’s favourite who-sung-it is back and The Masked Singer Australia is pulling out all the stops for its third season, bringing viewers the most creative, most chaotic and most creepy masks yet.

You know the drill — 12 suited-up mystery celebs will take to the stage and give performances of a lifetime that will undoubtedly get you grooving, all while you simultaneously pick apart the provided clues to uncover the incognito performer. Fun, right?!

Like the masks from season one and two, every bonkers costume seen on The Masked Singer Australia 2021 stems from the brilliant mind of Australian Oscar and BAFTA Award-winning costume designer Tim Chappel, who is best known for his work on Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

This year viewers have a front-row seat to performers in the likes of a terrifying giant Baby, a Kebab and a Pavlova who already has us drooling on our couches!

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to discover all of the whacky The Masked Singer Australia 2021 masks (plus their threatening auras)!

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