The Block twin Josh Packham has been caught with what appears to be a condom in his front pocket, in one of the most unfortunate editing fails we’ve seen in the history of television!

One eagle-eyed So Dramatic! spy said: “I hope this picture of Josh Packham with a condom in his pocket at the last room reveals makes you feel a bit better.” – Oh honey, it did.

A reality star busted with a condom in his pocket during filming is definitely an instant mood-lifter! 

The spy then provided the receipts with a zoomed-in grab of Josh with a very suspicious looking round item in his front lapel as he spoke to camera.

Umm, is that a condom in Josh’s pocket? Source: Supplied.

It could very well be something else, but what other object is there that’s condom sized with a ring around it? A mini fidget spinner maybe? A tiny bracelet? Our bets are on the condom!

At least we know they are using protection on The Block! 

Contestants may not be abiding by any of the rules of the actual show, but The Block safety marshall (and Josh’s mum) will be happy to know they are at least abiding by the OHS rules! 

The case is still open as an ongoing investigation and is being taken very seriously. Hard hats for everyone!

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