After a gruelling season of The Bachelor Australia (for contestants and viewers alike), 31-year-old pilot Jimmy Nicholson has handed out his final rose.

In a decision as plain as day, Jimmy revealed to Holly Kingston that she was the woman he wanted to walk away from the experience with — and we wish we could say we were surprised.

Holly has been the clear front-runner throughout the dating show’s ninth season, from the moment she stepped out of the limo and received an introduction longer than the Bachelor’s, right down to the moment when Jimmy declared his love for the 27-year-old marketing manager.

The finale saw Jimmy make his final decision in Alice Springs, but not before the heartbreaking moment when the pilot had to say goodbye to Brooke Cleal, who confessed her love for Jimmy earlier in the episode.

“You made this whole experience real for me… But whenever we spoke about the future it was always really difficult for us. You are perfect in every way and I would never want to change you but we are two different people,” Jimmy told the Melbourne-native, who had voiced concerns about moving to Sydney and away from her family to be with the Bachelor.

The sombre mood certainly lifted when Jimmy confessed his love for Holly, who also revealed she was in love with the fellow Sydneysider before breaking down in the car on her way to the final rose ceremony.

“Holly, when I think of a future with you it’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s passionate. You make anything we do incredible and you light up any room you’re in,” Jimmy confessed to the golden-haired bombshell. “Hol, I want you to know I am in love with you and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.”

Jimmy also presented his winning woman with a bespoke diamond ring from Larsen Jewellery as a token of his affection.

Holly quickly became a fan favourite following her debut on the hit dating show and was positioned as the winner by both Sportsbet and TAB, with runner-up Brooke placed at second.

It appears this smiling pair have dodged the bad luck that has tainted Bachelor couples of the past and are still happily together, with reports emerging that Jimmy has bought a $1.4 million Bondi apartment for him and his lucky lady.

So, another season of The Bachelor has come to a close and we sigh audibly as we look back on the empty bottles of wine and how much time we spent speculating who will and won’t receive a rose, eventually realising that we’ll never get those weeks of our lives back.

Anyway!  Time to come up for a quick breather before we dive into The Bachelorette and do it all again in the name of our queen, Brooke Blurton

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