Trigger warning: This article discusses bullying and may be distressing for some readers.

This season of The Bachelor Australia has left viewers less than impressed by the show, and moreover with the Bach himself, but we bet you didn’t know the girls were just as disappointed with their suitor as we were!

As discussed on episode 93 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, one of this year’s contestants revealed to us that “heaps of the girls on the show didn’t like him”.

“They pretended to like him just to stay on the show longer, and would gush about him on camera,” the source said. “If they did bitch about Jimmy, they made sure they did it behind his back when they weren’t mic’d up or around cameras and producers.” Well, if anything, these girls are smart!

Another contestant confirmed the disdain for this year’s Bach, calling him a “self-entitled Bondi rich kid”. Yikes!

“Jimmy’s just a douche!” the contestant claimed. “You know when people have good energy and you feel that energy from them?  He was so dry and boring… There’s literally nothing special about him.”

The same source also said the girls couldn’t believe it when they saw Jimmy from the limo on the first night, because producers told them they were going to be meeting the most eligible Bachelor they’d ever had.

“We thought it was going to be someone hell talented or hell rich… But Jimmy was none of those things,” the source confessed — although we have to disagree… Jimmy definitely is hella rich.  Well, at least his family is!

In episode 95 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, another contestant spilled the tea that Laura and Steph overheard Jimmy talking sh*t about a number of girls in the mansion and was bagging out their appearances! How dare he!

The contestant dished that the pair found an eavesdropping spot in the garden where they could hear producers talking to Jimmy in a nearby room.

“They overheard the producers ask… him what he thought about Lily,” our insider source said. “He said, ‘Lily has a weird and ugly chin’.”

The contestant also said that Laura and Jimmy told everyone that Jimmy was saying “horrible stuff” about everyone’s appearances, which turned the girls off the Bachie.

“We were all off it because we thought it was disrespectful,” the contestant told us. “There is nothing even wrong with her chin at all. It is such a nasty thing to say about someone.”  Agreed!  Nobody wants a Bachelor (or boyfriend) who talks shit about the women he’s dating!

And as if the viewers and the girls not being into Jimmy wasn’t enough, our insider source spilled that the producers weren’t all that impressed with Jimmy’s appointment as Bachelor either!

Yep, the contestant said that Laura and Steph continued to eavesdrop from their “secret spot” and on one occasion heard the producers bitching about Jimmy!

“They were saying that they don’t think Jimmy was a good choice for The Bachelor this year and it wasn’t going well,” they revealed, and said the producers are still not aware of the spot where the girls could hear everything from!

Well, fingers crossed they never do find it, because we can just imagine all the behind the scenes tea ready to be spilled from those eavesdropping seshes!

Catch the girls and Jimmy on The Bachelor on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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